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The Problem with Faeries...

Mira chewed her thumbnail as she paced.

Varotin was lightly snoring now, no small part in thanks to the tranquilizer she had shot into him… he needed it, he hadn’t slept since he woke up screaming in pain the night before.

…neither had Mira for that matter.

And thankfully, Atlas’s labs were sound-proofed.

Something has happened to Leona.
A look at her still mostly shattered bloodstone told Mira only that the girl was alive. But she was not answering either her communicator nor the earrings.

The connection between father and daughter had been severed… the false right eye he had no longer worked… a scar was forming around it, a long burn on his forehead and burn marks surrounding it and his cheeks.

The glance at the tracking map had her at sea, then at Sunspire… and still alive.

She had waited all day for word. None came.

Doesn’t Leona have an emergency contact form?!?  MAVAS WHAT SORT OF WAY DO YOU RUN THINGS?!?

She’d have to go and see how she was… and lose Varotin on the way so he didn’t overreact.

…would she overreact?

Mira thought about it for a second, squashing the orange-red flames, and sighed as they faded to a violet color.

No, she was worried, but… she just wanted to know Leona was alright. She doubted that she set fire to the Port her daughter was so fond of.

…maybe one fire.

…a little one.

She frowned at herself, going to make preparations when she felt the portal from Suramar opening in the laboratory and she ran inside to see the Val'kyr that followed Luna float through, then stop, making hand motions as if leading a bunch of other people inside.

Mira frowned, then went to her desk and pulled out a pair of glasses, putting them on and covering her mouth.

The…there were children in her laboratory, more coming in through the portal. All Nightfallen, all… twisted and in pain, and where their faces should be…

“Alright!” a new voice called, and the portal closed as Luna stepped through, “It worked!” she waved, “Oh Mira, Lucy didn’t pick us up, even though I had the money, and we heard rumors of a really bad sea battle with demons.”

Mira paled, Lucierin’s ship was supposed to be guarding the one Leona was on.

“So…” Luna seemed not to notice and tapped her forehead, “I thought really hard and then I remembered that Ms. Raine and you worked together, and I remember from conversations on the communicator that you worked for that really nice sounding Commander now, and HE has airships and can get us to Eversong if I give him the five hundred gold. SO WE CAME HERE!”

She busied herself with checking on the children, calling them such good Faeries and placing new flower crowns on their heads.

“Luna…” Mira regained her composure, “You know my rule about your being in my laboratory, come with me.”

…if Darnath didn’t kill her, someone else might. Who could see the dead on this island?

“Oh, is there anything that might give the Faeries back their faces?” Luna asked happily, “We’re going to Eversong so they could see the sun, and then maybe…” she glanced behind her, waving at Eriesa and then took Mira aside, “It’s not working, nothing’s working they’re not getting their faces back,” she said quietly, “Usually they have them by now, and Midsummer’s getting closer and closer.”

The blood mage sighed, papping Luna’s cheeks, “No worries…” she smiled, “Have they ever seen a baby dragon? Meanwhile, I’ll go see if there’s any candy about.”

Luna beamed, “REALLY?”

She nodded, “And meanwhile, I’ll go see about getting your group to Eversong,” and not getting fired from Atlas, “Alright, from the laboratories, go…” she wrote a small map for Luna, taking care to avoid the airship hangar… not entirely sure why the Faeries had become so, and best not to stress them further. “Prepare to be swarmed, I’ll meet you there with news.”

The Flower Knight, her val'kyr companion, and… by Mira’s count… about a hundred and thirty ghosts of dead children… happily cantered off towards the whelplings, and Mira tried not to scream, and then turned to find Lyren… and then Darnath, stopping by the laboratory first to grab more glasses to see the ghosts with.

This… was not good.

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ATLAS LAB | Wake Up Slow

Wake up slow
Roll around on the covers
With the light coming in through the blinds
The world is made to your design
Wake up slow, you’ll be fine

In the morning time, you came along
With your silver eyes and your silver song
You sang it soft, you sang it sweet
You woke me from a dream I had for weeks
Wake up slow, you’ll be fine 

In the morning time, you drifted out
With your business eyes and your coffee mouth
You saw the sun, you saw the sky
You turned around and went right back inside
Wake up slow, you’ll be fine
Wake up slow, take your time

Well you wanted love, here’s what you asked for
Well you wanted love, here’s your passport

Wake up slow, you’ll be fine
Wake up slow, take your time
Wake up slow, you’ll be fine
Wake up slow, take your time

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First Run Tests - RP with manmadeiron

In the Atlas Labs, a new android has been created using Penny Polendina as a basis, and now, the came had come for his systems to be tested, with a few button presses and switch flips, the android awoke, finding himself in a laboratory of some kind while lying down on a bed.

The android soon got up and stood, waiting for whatever was to happen next, he had data preloaded in his memory banks, his name, his directive, knowledge of how to use weapons, and importantly, information on Lady Weiss Schnee, the lady he was built to protect, built by the orders of her father.

The droid spotted a white uniform, it’s an Atlas academy uniform, made to fit him, for now, he had white boxer shorts on, but for now, he waited orders of what to do next, there was still some data to load into him, but for now, test runs had to be completed.