atlas is such a jerk

When the Antagonist Becomes Your Fav Character

Me (episode 1): what a fricken a-hole. They need to GET GONE

Me (episode 5): wow thanks for that tragic backstory. i didnt ask to pity them!

Me (episodes 8 on): they are my life please i just want them to be hhappy STOP HURTING THEM

Me when talking to lovely Angie about jetko:

Me: I don’t know what happened to me.
I think it was the ho yay section of the tv tropes avatar article.
I never cared for jet either.
I just think Zuko is … Gay.
Too gay.
Everything he touches BAM gay.
I’m sure druk is gay.
His wife is gay.
His daughter and grandson.
The gaang went queer when he joined.
Ursa left to keep being straight.
That’s the reason Ozai banished him.
Azulon wanted him dead because he was tired of the rainbows in the garden.
Zuko is the culmination of Sozin and Roku’s gay sexual tension.
Korrasami happened after he showed up.
He officiated the Wuko marriage.











Guile Retracted (Mercury x Female Reader)

Mercury was man enough to admit that he wasn’t the best person. He routinely murdered people and lost no sleep over it, he was involved with a scheme that, eventually, would almost certainly kick humanity in the butt so hard, that it would make The Great War look like a civil tea party, and he took pleasure in the manipulation he had to do to keep from being discovered, to the point where he told lies and forged false friendships that he didn’t even have to.

Yeah, Mercury wasn’t the nicest guy. And you know what? He didn’t care all that much.

So when he scanned the mess hall for someone to mess with, he was looking for someone that would be personally hurt by his betrayal. And who could possibly be emotional and stupid enough to trust him with everything?

He sat across from a teenage girl, who was picking through her food, looking bored. She barely glanced up at his award-winning grin before returning to her plate, and stabbing at her baked potato. Mercury decided to break the ice.

“What, not even gonna say hi?” He asked good naturedly. Her eyes flicked to him again, a slightly apprehensive look in them.


Her eyes flicked back.

Mercury wasn’t deterred in the slightest.

“You’re acting pretty cold for someone so hot,” he grinned.

The girl didn’t even look up from her food this time. Her response was almost just as deadpan as before, if only a with some annoyed inflections of the voice this time.

“And you’re acting pretty confident for someone who looks that dull. Seriously, you know that we’re named after colors to express ourselves, right, Grey guy?”

Mercury was taken aback. He’d been called slimy, cocky, and all other manners of rebutting comments made by slandered girls, but dull wasn’t one of them.

This was a personal challenge, now. He was going to get this girl to fall for him.

“I’m not dull,” Mercury said through gritted teeth. He regained his normal composure for the next statement.

“And you have the opportunity to figure that out for yourself. Wanna go to dinner sometime?”

The girl didn’t look amused.

“Asking a girl out to eat… While she’s eating. Smooth, Grey guy.”

She picked at her potatoes for a couple seconds longer, before putting down her fork and looking up.

“You’re buying?”

Mercury nodded once.

“And we’re going someplace with food better than this?” She gestured to her plate.

Another nod.

“And you realize that every piece of clothing I have on will remain on my body as long as we’re within a hundred feet of each other?”

A reluctant nod, but a nod nonetheless.

The girl thought for a moment, and seemed to come to a conclusion. Standing up, she looked into Mercury’s eyes, still stoic.

“Fine. Meet me outside The Beowulf’s Den, at seven-thirty. It’s a little restaurant about three blocks north of the school. If you keep me waiting I’ll leave. I can easily fill that time by training. See you then, Grey guy.”

She started walking, but stopped. Turning around, she fixed a speechless Mercury with her gaze one last time.

“Oh, right. I can’t accept before I know your name. Let’s hear it. Unless, of course, you’d prefer ‘Grey guy?’”

Mercury did not, in fact, prefer ‘Grey guy.’

“It’s Mercury. Mercury Black.”

“Mercury? Like the stuff in thermometers?”

The girl actually cracked what Mercury would swear could be the beginnings of a smile.

“I’m surprised you didn’t incorporate that in one of your pickup lines. I’m (Y/n). And… I guess I’ll see you tonight.”


The Beowulf’s Den wasn’t like most of the establishments in Vale. Usually, the shops and houses had metal lining their interior and exterior walls, as if the city itself was equipped in full armor, darting any Creatures Of Grimm to take their best shot. Lights would whirr quietly above any occupant’s head, emitting a dazzling white light. Usually, Vale hit the perfect balance between Atlas pristine and Mistral inviting.

The place that Mercury waited outside of looked like something straight out of Vacuo. Although, it did look surprisingly tidy, but Mercury probably wasn’t the right guy to judge, having grown up in seedy taverns and filthy barns. The exterior of the place had metal plating, but much of it looked peeled off, showing off the wood underneath.

A crooked 'Open’ sign creaked over the half-open door. Next to it was a large screen that flaunted the wide selection of food that the humble place had to offer. Inside, Mercury could make out firelight. Merry laughter and upbeat music echoed onto the sunset-bathed street. Weird place, but cheery.

Mercury had barely waited for ten minutes before he felt a tap on the shoulder. Standing with him in the street was (Y/n), who had apparently put on her casual wear. Mercury made a mental note not to push anything, in case she had her weapon as well as her battle gear on her.

“…Hey,” (Y/n) offered.

“…'Sup?” Mercury replied helpfully.

Several seconds of silence passed. After more than a couple bouts of hand-wringing and glances, a wordless agreement passed between them, and they walked in together.

The interior wasn’t much better than the exterior. Bits of dried dirt lined the floors, gentlemen were lined along a miniature bar in the corner, wallpaper collected dust (the boring kind) around them, their only source of entertainment was a small man playing a cheerful tune on a slightly elevated part of the floor.

“Classy place,” Mercury commented, sarcasm lacing his voice.

(Y/n) shrugged.

“Yeah, it’s rough around the edges, but it’s cozy, once you get used to it. Also, they serve breakfast all day, and I want an omelette.”

The pair walked in, ordered their food, and talked about small things. Their fighting styles, where they used to go to school, and what they planned to do after graduation. Of course, Mercury bluffed his way through most of the questions.

“Oh, come on! You’re really planning on working for one of the villages? They can handle themselves alright as it is, can’t they?” Mercury laughed, clinking a fork to his glass absentmindedly.

“Someone has to look out for the little guys, right?” (Y/n) retorted.

“And anyway, what could you be planning that could possibly be so grand that it blows my career out of the water?”

Mercury leaned back and pointed two thumbs at his chest, looking self-satisfied.

I’m going to rule the world! Or a part of it, anyway. Maybe, like, a quarter of Mistral? Haven’t given it much thought yet. That grand enough for you?”

(Y/n) laughed. It was a nice sound. Devoid of stress or irritability.

“Yep, that’d about do it for unattainable goals. Especially since you don’t seem like the kind of guy I’d want in charge.”

Mercury leaned in, grinning crookedly. “Oh, You have no idea. I’d probably burn down Atlas. Make Vacuo look like a nice place compared to those prissy jerks.”

“You wouldn’t do that. I can tell that you wouldn’t actually hurt anyone,” (Y/n) said, as if she were stating something obvious that he was a little too slow to get.

“Are you sure I wouldn’t? And would you try to stop me? You like the bad ones, don’t you?” Mercury said coyly.

Suddenly, (Y/n)’s face fell. She frowned, looking at her scratched plate somberly.

“No, I don’t, actually,” She mumbled.

An uncomfortable silence filled the space between them again, and before Mercury could ask what was wrong, a waiter swept in with an armful of food, and set it down in front of them.

Mercury quietly chewed a roll, and (Y/n) picked at her omelette, much the same way she had with her food earlier. Definitely not a good sign….

After they had finished eating, the pair payed at the counter and thanked the employee for the meal.


Walking together down the street, Mercury anxiously looked around, trying to find something to do that would snap his date out of her state of mopage. (Mopage? Was that a word?)

After a couple more minutes if looking around and awkward silence, they came to a halt in front of a small crowd of gathered people. In the center, a sharply dressed man was accepting lien, and spenders would point out one of three muscle-bound men.

“Come one, come all!” He shouted flamboyantly. “Try and defeat one of our most skilled fighters, and win the pot full of lien, or-”

The announcer held up a cutesy, stuffed beowulf nearly twice his size. “This strapping beast, fit for melee training and snuggles alike! Don’t be shy, ladies and gentlemen!”

(Y/n) snorted at the display. “This has got to be the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Mercury suddenly looked very serious. “I’m going to win you that friggin’ toy.”

(Y/n) couldn’t stop herself from breaking out in laughter. “Scratch that- You’re going to get your face pounded in my three meatheads for a stuffed animal?”

He smirked at the contenders waiting in line, and looked back at his date. “No, I’m going to get my face pounded in by three meatheads to win you a stuffed animal.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“What did you do!?” Exclaimed (Y/n), holding the beowulf to her chest, laughing. They’d just barely reached the gates of the school, ready to turn in for the night. “That guy went down like a sack of potatoes!”

Mercury reclined in his own arms as he walked, his hands behind his head. He watched the sun finally stop peeking from behind the mountains. “I dunno. Maybe I’m just that awesome.”

“Yeah, right.” (Y/n) grinned. After a second, though, the smile faltered. She tugged on Mercury’s sleeve and stopped short.

The grey-haired fighter stopped short and looked at his date, worried. “What’s wrong? You went quiet in the restaurant, and just now too. Is something up?”

(Y/n) sighed. “It’s just… I had a partner who I got along well with. We dated, and I started to feel really loved. I felt like I belonged, and that we could take on whatever this messed-up world threw at us. But then… My partner changed. Got angry, and lied a lot, and… Hurt me.”

She looked at Mercury, there were no tears in her eyes, but the look of utter heartbreak in them negated the need for tears. “It’s stupid, isn’t it? I let that jerk eat away my feelings, and I wasn’t even going to give you a chance. There’s no way that you could be like that. I’m sure of it. So, I’m sorry for being cold earlier. And… I had a really good time. Thanks, Grey Guy.”

She leaned over and pecked Mercury on the lips, leaving him dumbfounded. She really was beautiful- illuminated by the light from the lampposts. She grinned at him one more time and headed inside.

Mercury stood, shaking. This wasn’t supposed to happen. She’d been so… Open. She’d trusted him completely, enough to share that with him, and… Oh, Gods.

'There’s no way you could be like that.’

Mercury was going to take part in the fall of Beacon in the next two weeks. People were going to die, and the rest would know his true colors. He couldn’t back out now. He was way too far in. Cinder would have him fulfill his end of the deal, and he would get everything he’d ever dreamed of.

And he’d never hated himself more.

Mercury wasn’t the best person. He routinely murdered people and lost no sleep over it, he was involved with a scheme that, eventually, would almost certainly bring humanity to a crawl, and he took pleasure in the manipulation he had to do to keep from being discovered.

This wouldn’t change. It couldn’t, if he was to make it out of this scheme alive. But, he promised then and there, with every fiber of his being, that once the Battle Of Beacon began…

No one would lay a hand on (Y/n) and live to tell about it.

anonymous asked:

Do you think ATLA and TLOK are deeper than HP?


My knee-jerk is “yes”, but I’m not sure why, since it’s not like HP was lacking in depth, particularly turning the corner in Goblet (which is ironically when the movies began simplifying everything). Thematically it handles similar concepts too, like morality, justice, love, legacy. Avatar smashes us over the head with balance as its central theme I’d say, where Harry Potter is more good vs. evil, but there’s still family, friendship, prejduices, loss, and so on. HP tackles death more head-on, that’s for sure.

I think what it is for me, is that LoK broke out of the monomyth, external journey kind of formula that does define HP and certainly ATLA. Which from a literary perspective isn’t bad or shallow, but the internal nature of Korra did feel like something more to chew on. But I’m also suspecting that might just be my preference. HP is certainly another series that you get out of it what you put into it (its flaws and all), so there’s always value in that. However I also find the worldbuilding in Avatar much better and more consistent. 

Sure, Hamlin was really just playing the role of the scapegoat, but he did agree to keeping Jimmy from getting a job he worked hard for, moved Kim to a crappy office for losing a stubborn client, and copyrighted a color as “Hamlindigo Blue”. I’m not saying he’s evil, but I just don’t exactly think of him as a sweetheart either.

More Things I Love About ATLA

Goal: Write 1 thought every day re: why I love ATLA (until I finish rewatching the series)

#28: Mai saves the jerk who dumped her in “The Boiling Rock.”

Say what you want about #Maiko (and other Zuko-related “ships” or what have you), but the show actually does quite a good job establishing that Zuko and Mai care deeply about one another. Bryke are not known for writing the most compelling romances, but they actually do quite a bit of setup on Zuko and Mai, from the childhood blushing, to Mai’s secret smile in “Return to Omashu,” to all the moments they had together in early Book 3 when Mai lent a sympathetic listening ear to the moody Zuko.

And in “The Boiling Rock,” we see how truly hurt Mai is by Zuko’s betrayal:

And that she is willing to save the “jerk who dumped her” from a hot, boiling death:

And, more importantly, stand up to Azula to do it. Look at how fierce her eyes are here when facing Azula’s fiery wrath (and a possible untimely demise):

Mai’s betrayal of Azula triggers Ty Lee’s betrayal, and essentially starts Azula’s downward spiral. Azula responds with uncharacteristic lack-of-coolness here, for example, and is completely caught off guard by Ty Lee’s chi blocking:

Azula: I never expected this from you. The thing I don’t understand is why. Why would you do it? You know the consequences.
Mai: I guess you just don’t know people as well as you think you do. You miscalculated.  I love Zuko more than I fear you. 
Azula: No, you miscalculated! You should have feared me more!

She is starting to lose control – not just over her friends, but over herself: 

I love that the show both established Mai’s love for Zuko, and also the relationship between Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee, and used both of those to their full advantage in this pivotal scene.  Great scene.