atlas belt


This is what I wished happened at the end of episode 8. Why did you have to go without me, Ivor? I thought we had something special! D’:
Seriously though, if this precious cinnamon roll isn’t in the next DLC, I am going to be very disappointed. The fact that Telltale made him go off on his own screams, “This is the excuse we’re using to not put him in the next episode.” This is what happens when you play the game for the sake of just one character, folks. You get your heart broken and STOMPED ON.

On another note, I actually am pretty okay with this background. I was trying to make it Aether-themed, because that’s a land they haven’t seen something close to yet (other than Sky City). Just wish I picked a better color for Ivor’s robes… It should be more yellowy brown, not reddish brown. I was also planning on having the Atlas strapped to Ivor’s belt, but I friggin’ forgot about it. >:[

Scenario: The Dinner Party - Part 1

I’ve been teasing your hole all day - gently fingering it at every opportunity but not allowing you to cum since our episode that morning.   The gentle prodding, rubbing, and scratching of your hole has put you on edge - to the point where you moaned out loud when I slipped my hand down the back of your jeans in the elevator of the parking garage.  The other passengers didn’t know exactly what was going on but the crimson color you became allowed them to have some idea that the outline in your crotch wasn’t your keys. 

After you unload the car and put away the groceries, I tell you to strip and and lean against the counter.  As the marble presses its cold into your stomach, I run my hand down your back and gently squeeze your buttocks.  I dig my hand into your ass crack and move my fingers toward your hole constantly touching it until I see it contract against my fingers.  I reach around and feel your hard boy dick, stroking its head lightly enough to make you tremble but keeping you miles away from a release. 

I lean in and begin to whisper my instructions in your ear regarding tonight’s dinner party.   This will be the first time that you will be publicly on display, expected to serve people you don’t know, and allow strangers to ogle, grab, and potentially use you.   You are unsure that you want to go through with this but you mistakenly told me that this is one of your biggest fantasies; so of course, I am going to make you go through with it.   As I whisper my instructions, I continue to play with your hole and with my other hand, reach around and start kneading your nipples.  You suck in harshly - not from the nipple pain but knowing that you don’t have permission to cum.  You continue to suck air until I stop and instruct you to go get dressed for tonight - i have left tonight’s outfit for you on the bed upstairs.

I watch your ass flex in front of me as you climb the stairs and enter the bedroom.  On the bed is a jock strap, your ‘Robin’ mask, and the bluetooth enabled vibrating egg that I recently purchased.  We exchange glances and as you open your mouth to protest, I simply shake my head and tell you to get dressed.  You accept your fate, step into your jock, and pull the 'Robin’ mask over your eyes.  I tell you to go into the bathroom, look at yourself in the mirror, and get the lube out of the cabinet. 

As you examine yourself, visualizing the humiliation that you are going to suffer tonight as you stand nearly naked in front of complete strangers, you can’t get your dick to go soft.  The jock has framed your ass perfectly, your atlas belt is highlighted by the cut of the waistline, and your boy dick bulges obscenely from left to right in the jock - leaving very little to the imagination.  I smile as I see your reflection in the mirror, nuzzle your neck, and gently push you forward until you lean across the bathroom counter.

I tell you to bend over as I slowly coat my finger with the warming water based lube that we picked up in Paris.  As I move my finger and coat your hole with lube, the tingling sensations begin inside and you moan out loud and beg me to fuck you.  You see my reflection smirk at you in the mirror as I pull my finger out and slowly, perhaps even perversely, slide the vibrating egg into your hole.  I purposely leave the string antenna dangling outside your hole - both to maximize reception range and increase your humiliation as our guests realize you are indeed 'wired’. 

I pull you upright and wrap my arms around your torso as we look at each others’ reflection in the bathroom mirror.  I tell you that you look good and that are our guests this evening won’t be able to keep their hands off you.  I think I see your dick flex slightly at the sound of this but can’t be sure so I break our embrace and tell you to go downstairs to get the bar ready.  As you pad across the wood floor, I stare upon your lithe body and I realize that the symmetry is off - something is missing from this picture.  I tell you to stop and wait as I search the bathroom cabinet for something. 

I walk over to the bed and sit down and motion for you to come over.  You realize what’s coming but your feet move anyway - knowing it will be worse if you don’t.  As you get with within arms’ reach, I pull you down over my knee and adjust your ass upward.  As you assume the position over my leg, I take the opportunity to play with the outer rim of your hole again as I grab your cock with my other hand to hold you in place.  You are - predictably - still hard as I squeeze your dick as if it was my own personal stress ball.  Your desire to cum reaches a near frenzy until you feel the first hit of the paddle across your right butt cheek.   I repeat 29 additional blows onto your buttocks - making them a bright red as you cry out and eventually begin to lose your composure.  Once I’m done, I pull you up and console you, slowly rubbing your long legs and lightly stroking your ass as I whisper what a good boy you are.  As you begin to regain your composure, I reach inside your jock and grab your cock.  As I wrap the skin of my fingers around the girth of your still inflated cock, I make eye contact with you and squeeze my hand - reminding you that you enjoy every minute of our spankings.  As I slowly fondle your cock head until I feel your pre cum, I begin to re-think whether I should let you cum before dinner.  As I slowly stroke your cock, watching you begin to tremble and your breathing increase as your testicles begin their rise into your body, the doorbell rings announcing the arrival of the first of our guests…

[to be continued]