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“My name is Percy Jackson. […] Am I a troubled kid? Yeah. You could say that.

1. SAIL - AWOLNATION / 2. SHINE ON YOU CRAZY DIAMOND - Pink Floyd / 3. WARRIORS - Imagine Dragons / 4. CENTURIES - Fall Out Boy / 5. WHERE IS MY MIND? - Pixies / 6. HEATHENS - Twenty One Pilots / 7. THISKIDSNOTALRIGHT - AWOLNATION / 8. DIVERS & SUBMARINES - Passenger / 9. ATLAS - Coldplay / 10. BATTLE CRY - Imagine Dragons / 11. SOLDIER - Fleurie / 12. IMMORTALS - Fall Out Boy.


I killed Chin the Conqueror. A horrible tyrant, Chin was expanding his army to all corners of the continent. When they came to the neck of the peninsula where we lived, he demanded our immediate surrender. I warned him that I would not sit passively while he took our home. But he did not back down. On that day, we split from the mainland.

Avatar Day // Battle of Zaofu Parallels

Note: These are the superficial parallels between the events of Kyoshi’s final encounter with Chin the Great and Korra’s first encounter with Kuvira, the Great Uniter. Both are situationally similar, as Kuvira and Chin are both conquerors, but Kuvira is not Chin, just as Korra is not Kyoshi. Kyoshi is not at all hesitant to use the Avatar State to defeat her enemy, where Korra opts to use it as a last resort only. Similarly, Kyoshi kills Chin without hesitation, while Korra in her final encounter with Kuvira actively chooses not to do this. Kuvira and Kyoshi, however, are hugely similar in their willingness to go to extremes and in their motives. To make this clear, I left the last parallel from Kyoshi’s testimony for the end.

In many ways, Kuvira and Kyoshi are also two sides of the same coin, just as Korra and Kuvira are. 

Some days I feel like Zeus,

Like I can defeat my biggest enemies and live happily.

Other days I feel like Atlas,

I lost the battle and the weight of the world rests on my shoulders.

I am also Hades, 

because I have come to understand sometimes you get the short stick of the bunch and death is inevitable.

I am Persephone,

because I wish to escape my mother and live peacefully with someone I love for a while.

I am Cronus,

I am the bad guy.

I am Hera,

The jealous wife.

I am Hermes,

Always on the run.

I am Apollo and Artemis,

Chasing something I can never catch up to.

I am all the titans and all the gods wrapped up into one very small, very mortal vessel.

There are days I wonder how can that be?

There are days where I don’t question it.

                                  -s.i// My oceans were lakes

I’m not saying Aang and Katara are not good together because they really are, I’m just saying I would have liked to see more of Katara with Zuko, platonically or otherwise, in a show that revolves about balance

Denizen challenges

What if you had to beat your denizen at like, a specific challenge unique to you

Like a board game or something

I was talking to a friend and he said freestyle dance battling Erebus

To which I responded, rap battling Atlas

That’d be awesome as hell


this song,

Atlas - Battles



hope everyone had a wonderful new years holiday! For new years I decided to do a roundup of my fav OTPs of 2014. So here they are! A couple of them are old OTPs (zutara, zelda) and the rest are new as of 2014! Let’s see what 2015 brings!