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Disney Heroine Aesthetics // Kida

All will be well, Milo Thatch. Be not afraid. 

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Okay! Here’s a couple more of LEGO characters!

In order, the Cyborg from CMF, Basil the Bat Lord, Willa the Witch, The Golden King (who we called Aurumin), the Time Twins: Krux and Acronix, Axle, the Ravencloud Guardian of the Forbidden Valley, Ruina Stoneheart, a Rogul (definitely NOT a Dark Ronin) and the Winged Warrior from CMF.

As if I had to tell you already what I was working on :P

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If hinata is a warrior and kageyama is audrey then there's provably no chance of kagehina right?

But ofcourse there will be! The reason why I made haikyuu characters as members in the crew and made some as Atlanteans, is to get them together in the end ;) 

I bet Kageyama falls in love at first sight when he sees Atlantean Hinata. Then they explore Altanits together and travel around the world xD 

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hey there! I love your Atlantis/Haikyuu idea and how you're fitting in all the characters perfectly~ but like hear me out here... Kuroo as Cookie *exits stage right*



But then Bokuto seemed to fit better with his personality~ Cookie carries alot of pride with what he does in the team and that reminded me of Bokuto a bit.

Also chef bokuto… I WANT TO SEE hoho I want to just draw him in an apron shoot me 

Also I am so looking forward to these parts hoho

I was thinking of Kuroo to also be an atlantis warrior, he is part of Iwaizumi’s squad that go outside the city to hunt for explorers.

He and Kenma (an atlantean citizen) own a restaurant in the city of Altantis~ 

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No Xena fans, we still haven’t gotten our movie, but maybe the trailer would look something like this?

This movie trailer is based on Atlantis Chronicles FanFic, which I’ve never read, but awesome trailer all the same. Has anyone read the FanFic? Is it any good?

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Vox Machina as Disney characters. Who would be who?

  • scanlan: flynn rider from tangled: criminal that gets away with his crimes through charisma. self-proclaimed “dashing extraordinaire” with a past that he’d really rather not think about.
  • vax: aladdin from aladdin: an orphan thief that runs from his problems. he’s a jokester even when jokes aren’t appropriate (same goes for scanlan). “street rat.”  and falls in love with a princess.
  • vex: the flying carpet from aladdin nani from lilo and stitch: sister trying to take care for her family after the death of her parent/s. a hard worker that frequently bickers with her sibling but would burn the world for their safety.
    i guess, in a way, trinket is stitch?
  • percy: simba from the lion king: a runaway after witnessing the murder of his family member/s. exacted revenge on those who killed his family and destroyed his home. 
  • pike: rapunzel from tangled: just wants to help everyone and is generally a kind person, but knows her way around a weapon. has phenomenal healing powers and tries to protect everyone she cares about.
  • tiberius: milo from atlantis: a nerdy guy that isnt the best at talking to people, but has a thirst for knowledge and is determined to prove himself right and prove others wrong. a historian and a diplomat
  • grog: every single person in the taven from frozen, the guy that made the two unicorn toys kiss specifically
  • keyleth: kida from atlantis: a strong warrior princess that loves her father dearly. she has a kind heart and a strong will and can be aggressive and forceful when need be.