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Souls were, all in all, a very colorful thing.

Everybody had one, regardless of belief. Everybody needed one, but they pretended they were a big affair.

To Darcy, who had been able to see souls since forever, they were nothing but colored dots floating inside of very cute packages, depending on the person they belonged to.

They were a trinket – if you will – to be observed and admired until otherwise needed, and that usually came after death.

And it was Truth.

So she wasn’t really prepared for the shiny golden aura surrounding Dr Jane Foster, astrophysicist.

It was blinding, overwhelming and beautiful; Darcy kinda wanted it.

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What if...

Going off of the “Voltron is like the U.N. of space” theory, what if a different planet was assigned to build each lion and the lions’ power reflected their home environment.  Since only Alfor knew who was assigned to what, that would explain why Zarkon only found one lion.

10,000 years ago, Earth was covered in water.  What if the ancient Atlanteans really did exist and built it.  That cave was most likely underwater when Blue hid there.  When the Paladins find out, they’re all “Atlantis was REAL?!  It’s a myth!”  and Allura is all “That’s what most people say about Voltron”.

remember when milo and kida were going out for a swim

and milo was all

Hey, you’re talking to the belly flop champion of Camp Runamuck!

can you just imagine little baby milo at camp bellyflopping

mother-of-all-monsters  asked:

Okay, but hear me out, Atlantis Au, I know Jonas would fit the role of Milo better, b ut like, him as Kida, Javier as Doc, Scratch as Ze Mole, maybe Cliff as the slop dude, like, I know personality wise, Mitch doesn't fit Milo, but like, Mitch wanting to find atlantis, cause it's always been a dream of him and his mum? his mum is on the trip too, she's Packard, the badass older lady, Dean is the even white man in charge of the crew, because fuck him. just the plot of atlantis but with Mitjo oka?

I never watched Atlantis but THIS SEEMS REAL COOL!!

The DCEU is so unapologetically comic book and it makes me so happy like here’s aliens, an all female race of warriors, murderous clowns, a sword that steals souls, a 6000+ year old witch being forced to work for the government, a half human half robot, half human half crocodile… oh and Atlantis is real… and so are the Greek Gods bye 

Voltron and Atlantis au (Spoilers to the movie btw)

I’ve heard some stuff about this and some fan art but I wanted to contribute lol (Also, you should probably see the movie in order for what I say to make sense because I ramble a lot.) This is not a fanfic thing, I just go into major detail on how I imagine it. It is basically a shitty summary of the movie but with different characters lmao. I think it is kinda interesting though.

(Keith is a lot more bad ass than Milo, I mean Milo is like a clumsy little dude. Keith has the same personality as well, Keith.)

(Lance is a lot more carefree and funnier than Kida. Like He is really chill unless something bad happens.)

Baby Lance (Kida) is a prince that is running with his parents, when his father gets chosen blah blah blah. The beginning part where it shows Atlantis and what happens to the people there.

First things first. Same as the movie, it is set in 1914. Keith (Milo) works at a museum, in the weird boiler room that Milo spends his time in. Keith wants to find Atlantis. His father (Kinda like Milo’s grandpa) told him all about Atlantis, and when his father died he felt like he needed to you know, follow in his dads footsteps and shit like that.

Nobody believes Keith and thinks that he is an idiot for even thinking that Atlantis is real, and that only makes him want to search more. When he goes to his apartment and goes to find his cat, Red, he sees a woman sitting in his living room, which in the movie she is Helga, but in this au she is Haggar or Nyma (Couldn’t really decide :/)

Nyma or Haggar takes Keith to Mr. Whitmyers mansion, where he is told to find Atlantis and that stuff. Mr. Whitmyer is oF COURSE- Coran

Keith and Coran talk about the plan and stuff like that. Then next thing you know Keith is on the ship thing. There he meets the commander, which in the movie is Rourke, but in this case he will be Zarkon. 

Then he meets Mole, which is none other than my boy Hunk . And then there is Dr. Sweet, which is Shiro because they are both strong and very dad like :)). Audrey will be Pidge. I mean the personality is sort of similar? Smol girls that are good at fighting and being cool I guess. Jebidah… I thought maybe he could be Coran, but I dunno. Whatever you think Coran would work the best with. Also, that old lady that talks into the speaker thing on the ship, I think her name is Mrs. Packard, yeah that is gonna be Prince Lotor. Don’t ask why. I just think that I would be the happiest this way.

Okay, and I know these two personalities are not the same at all… but I thought it would be really funny if Allura was the dynamite guy. I think his name is Vincenzo. I thought it was hilarious. 

And those are the characters, which I hope I am not forgetting any.

They do some boring shit- until Keith goes out of his tent one night to play around with his knife and look around the cave. He then notices that little bugs are setting things on fire, he wakes every one up, they escape with the camp in flames. When they are trying to escape, they fall off of a bridge thing. Keith gets injured, and that’s when Lance comes into the story.

Keith is bleeding, and while everyone is looking for him, Lance approaches him. He grabs his crystal and heels him. Keith sees Lance only for a moment before the others find him and Lance leaves. 

Keith and the rest follow Lance, only to find Atlantis. Lance approaches Keith, and you see, Lance thinks that Keith doesn’t know how to speak Altanian, so this is how their first convo goes.

If I were a stop light, I’d turn red every time you passed by, just so I could stare at you a bit longer.” Lance says with a smirk.

“Thank you?” Keith blushes. Lance turns red too, because he did not except that to happen.

They eventually find out that Lance can also speak other languages, but they all settle on English.

Lance walks all of them through Atlantis, chatting away with Keith the whole time. They then meet Lance’s father, who is of course the King in the move. I forgot his name. Oops.

The King tells them to leave, but Zarkon and Lance somehow convinces the King to let them stay a night. 

Of course Lance and Keith then get closer, Keith finds out that Lance is like 8,000 to 9,000 years old and then responds with the fact that Lance is “Lookin’ good’ for his age.

Then the iconic swimming scene where Kida takes her skirt thing off (Lance does the same thing but more in a suggestive way because he is trying seduce Keith lmao)

And when they figure out some shit they go back above the water to Zarkon and the rest of the team waiting. They force Keith to tell them what they learned or else they would shoot Lance.

Then sneaky ol’ Zarkon and the gang go and attack the King, which pisses Shiro off because he didn’t want to hurt anyone. So Shiro decides to help heal the King instead of following Zarkon.

They go to the King, and they try to find what the heart of Atlantis is. Which was that cool rock circle thing. Zarkon, Haggar/Nyma, Lance, and Keith all go down to the heart of Atlantis. Lance has a mini little meltdown thing, and when Keith tries to help him Zarkon starts to get impatient, and commands Lance to do his magic shit thing. When Keith tries to go after him, Zarkon says “Hold on, lover boy” (One of my favorite scenes in the goddamn movie idk why).

Lance then rises into the air and does that super epic thing that Kida did in the movie, and he goes back to the ground, and scares the living shit out of all of them. Zarkon and the rest of them then lock Lance in a metal box.

As they are leaving, Keith tries to negotiate. But… Zarkon punches him. 

“I hope that you will now have enough money to open that second garage with your brother Pidge.” Keith says, defeated. He turns to Allura. “And maybe now you can open that flower shop. I am sure your family will be proud.” Allura and Pidge both look down shamefully. 

Pidge feels guilty, and goes to Keith. Allura does the same. Then Lotor gets out of the truck with a cigarette and goes “We are all gonna die”. Hunk goes with them too. 

Zarkon and Haggar/Nyma laugh because they think that they are all idoits for not going with them to get the money. Boy they were wrong. Zarkon leaves, with Lance imprisoned with them. Keith tries to run for them but is pushed down by Allura, who tells  him to wait. When Keith looks up he sees that the bridge is exploding. “Okay you can go now.” Allura informs him.

Keith goes to the King. Shiro tells him there is nothing else he can really do. When Keith talks to the King, he gets that super cool crystal that he saw Lance had. Sadly the King dies in that scene tho.

Shiro is able to convince Keith to keep going, and he does. He tells the gaurds in Atlantis how to fly those car things with their crystals, and the rest of the team learn as well. They fly after Zarkon. 

Zarkon is trying to escape, even trying to get rid of Haggar/Nyma because he wants everything to himself. They then get into a fight, which causes Haggar/Nyma to fall off of the air balloon. 

They try to get Lance and kill Zarkon, but they start to run out of time. The fights are just really messy and as much off a bad ass he is, Zarkon is stronger. Keith then loses his shit and stabs Zarkon with a crystal, causing him to turn to this stone like thing and crumble. Haggar/Nyma shoots the balloon from balloon, causing it to plummet to the ground. The team tries to get Lance, but the volcano that they happen to be fighting in was about to arrupt. Luckily they are able to get out of there and back to Atlantis, but lava is flowing towards it, causing panic.

Lance is let out of the metal box, and still in his magic daze, he floats the freakn’ sky and does some cool magic shit again. He makes these stone guard things and everything is super cool. They make a force field that protects Atlantis from the lava. Lance goes back to the ground, as him normal self, where Keith catches him. 

“Keith?” Lance hugs him.

When it’s time for the team to say goodbye, they take pictures for a memory. Keith stays in Atlantis with Lance, meanwhile everyone else goes back to America.

When Coran asks them what happend, they say that everyone besides them died.

Coran opened a letter from Keith, that talked about how he now has proof. In the letter is a crystal. Which is all that Coran needs.


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If you guys haven’t seen the real Atlantis at least watch it for the sake of this wonderfully portrayed being

The scene we should've got in the crossover:
  • Diggle: Aliens! Aliens, Lyla! How could you not tell me there were aliens?! ALIENS!!!
  • Lyla: This is exactly why I didn't tell you because I knew you'd freak out.
  • Diggle: Of course I'm freaking out! Aliens, Lyla! Aliens! What else haven't you told me?
  • Lyla: Nothing, I swear.
  • Diggle: Lyla?
  • Lyla: I mean it. Aliens, magic, meta-humans, that's it, there's nothing else.
  • Diggle: Lyla?!
  • Lyla: ... Atlantis is real and ruled by a man who can talk to fish called Arthur.
  • Diggle: ...
  • Lyla: And you remember my friend Diana, the one who came over for Thanksgiving that one time, and you thought she was joking when she said she was moulded from clay and given life by the gods.
  • Diggle: Yeah?
  • Lyla: She wasn't joking.
  • Diggle: Jesus, what's next, Santa Claus?
  • Lyla: Well...
  • Diggle: OH MY GOD!!!
The Menorah is from... Atlantis?

Buckle up!  This has got to be the most batshit insane thing I’ve heard this week, and I’m currently trying to explain physics to a Flat Earther.

So here’s the theory, in a nutshell:

1. Atlantis was a real place, despite only ever being described by fictional characters Plato made up.  All the scholars that have studied Plato are wrong, this was totally a literal thing.

2. Plato (or at least the fictional character that was ‘talking’ about Atlantis in Plato’s writings) was wrong about the location of Atlantis, despite specifically making it clear that it was at a distant point in the Atlantic ocean, such that it was vital to use Atlantis as a stopping-off point to reach other islands. Instead, it was on the coast of Spain.

3. Likewise, it was not actually an island. It was just… on the coast of Spain.

4. The detailed description of the island was all wrong. The size must have been wrong, but that also means that the population was wrong, the mountains couldn’t have been there, presumably they didn’t have elephants?  Somehow, despite it not being an island and everything else about it being wrong the bit about concentric rings was totally right.

5. The part about Atlantis sinking causing the ocean in that area to be impossible to navigate 9000 years later has to be wrong, because as mentioned it was on or just off the coast of Spain and boats had no trouble sailing around there.

6. Despite being a powerful seafaring nation that traveled far and conquered many lands, once the island sunk everyone forgot about it except for a handful of people that passed it down until it got to Plato. Presumably the many many survivors that weren’t at home when disaster struck just resolved to never speak of it again.

7. Symbols that have been found (not in underwater ruins, just… around) must be a reference to Atlantis, even though concentric circles are extremely common things to draw and even though we have nothing that indicates the people of Atlantis referred to their island that way nor is there anything linking the rocks or artifacts in question to the legend of Atlantis.

8. Some symbols that have been found are semicircles, and even though Atlantis wasn’t a bunch of semicircles these must also be a reference to Atlantis. They also must be a menorah, despite not looking like a menorah and there being nothing in any way connecting this rock to the ancient Jews.  The Jewish people are mistaken about the meaning of their own religious symbols.