Movies like “Brother bear” “Lilo & Stitch” “Atlantis” “Treasure Planet” “Mulan” are the epitome of not only aesthetically pleasing 2d animated movies, but great plots and strong ass character arcs and shows that diversity is not forced if you walk out of your damn house and i hope we can someday do them justice and bring back the making of movies like those masterpieces and i think they will never be forgotten if we dont let them, so heads up and bring the next generation of 2d animated movies to the animation field now


.crystal princesses collection (part 1)

after the official disney princesses i started to draw my favorite girls from my favorite movies :3 some are disney, some are not :) if you think your fav is missing please don’t yell at me “you forgot xy!!!” as i did not, just these are the ones i like :) but i do take commissions if you would like to see her in this style, feel free to write me a pm :)

.please do not use without permission~


atlantis au meet the charming crown prince Vitenka, the bumbling linguist Katsuki Yuuri, and his name twin, the fierce prince Yurisha!