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Beach Chillin’


The first Saturday in Tenerife consisted of taking a nice long trip to the beach in Los Christianos! Lying in the sun all day was definitely a good idea, and it meant being able to get the hang of the bus system out here. It’s much better than back home in the UK by the way and SO cheap! Only €1.45 from Arona to Los Christianos, which is possibly around a 20 minute journey, pretty good going if you ask me.

The beach here definitely did not disappoint. Nice and hot and sandy! None of that painful pebbly stuff, you can actually lie down and push your toes in the sand. Wonderful. So much sun, sea and sand… I don’t think it really gets much better than this.

Everyone had a brilliant day, chilling out on the sand, having a swim in the nice cool, clear water… and most importantly, just sat on the sand with a nice cold beer.

At the end of the day, it was time to go and have dinner at a restaurant and continue to just chill out. My god, lying about in the sun really does make you tired and hungry! All in all, it was the best way to top off our first Saturday in Tenerife.

Author - Marianne Gooch

The Masca Walk


Off on a grand adventure! And a very long day ahead. We started the day off by walking down to Arona to begin our long bus journeys. I say journeys because it took four busses to get us to Masca! It took a boat and two busses to get back to Arona at the end of the day. It wasn’t quite as inexpensive as before…

After the first two bus trips, we stopped off for lunch before we continued on our way. Obviously there was a lot of the trying on of sun glasses and looking around shops, but really it was all about the food.

Eventually we did go and wait for the bus though…

And after the clearly agonising bus rides, it was definitely time to have a rest and get some ice cream!!!

But after all of our messing about, it was time to get down to it and do this walk… its just a nice easy casual walk right? WRONG!

THIS is what we were dealing with… A nice little Sunday stroll. However, we weren’t put off and we journeyed on with our 3 hour trek.

It seemed like it was starting out well when we first set off…

We actually got lost and had to turn around and go back though. And on we go!

This was the nice and safe part of the hike. This part had steps and a rail and everything. There were parts where you were clinging to the side of a rock for dear life (well, I was anyway) so you didn’t slip on the sandy ridge and fall into a never-ending pit and die. That may be an ever so slight exaggeration.

Tom wasn’t scared… I mean, he can clearly handle anything…

At least we had hard working photographers on the scene, only here to try and capture people falling over though really. No one actually did fall over though so we had to deal with capturing everyone doing the walk and taking shots of the scenery, which is clearly not quite as interesting.

It was going off to a really great start, aside from a few slips here and there… And then we realised THESE were around and had to then avoid being stabbed again.

No one actually got stabbed this time though so the walk was definitely a success!

Although, being stabbed by the rocks was inevitable as there was a fair bit of free climbing going on by the boys.

It doesn’t really look like they were having all that much fun though, does it?

They did then have to actually make it back down from the rocks. Not quite as easy for them as climbing up but there weren’t any slips!

On one of the little free climbs, they even found what seemed to be a cannon inside a cave, high up on the cliff face.

After all the crazy free climbing, it was definitely time for a lunch break! Got to keep that energy up for the other half of the walk.

We had to just stop and admire the view first though.

Then it was back to the walk! Got to keep those legs moving.

Everyones little legs really had come a very long way!

We did see some beautiful little streams and waterfalls before we finished the walk. How clear is that water?! You don’t see that down the canal.

Eventually we reached the end of our little trek and it was time to go and hop on a boat so we could head back home.

We had a little wait before getting our bus back home, clearly everyone was thrilled about getting on another bus! I wasn’t complaining, sleeping on the bus for half an hour was extremely appealing by this point.
Despite all of us being pretty exhausted, it was an absolutely brilliant Sunday walk. Never thought I’d say that!

Author - Marianne Gooch

Photography - Marianne Gooch & Nathan Campbell