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Video by @JimRichardsonNG Making the run from Tobermory to Inverie off the west coast of Scotland. Great swelling seas outside my cabin. Aboard the Lord of the Glens.

Eventually the wind swung round to the north and the mist lifted, at least until the wind changed again… Algy was so relieved to see some light and colour in the world once more that he flew straight down to the sea and found himself a perch on a rock where the tide was washing in. The world looked entirely different on a fine day, and Algy couldn’t help wishing that it would be fine just a wee bit more often… But there was little he could do to influence the weather, so he decided to make the most of the sunshine while it lasted, even though the wind was still decidedly cool.


BioShock  (Irrational  2007)

Rapture is a city like no other. Built on the seafloor of the North Atlantic ocean, it was a place to escape the growing threat of nuclear war, as well as government and religious interference, while at the same time championing things like personal freedom, science and industry. Construction began in 1945 and it was officially opened up to its carefully chosen guests on Nov 5, 1946. With its grand Art Deco architecture, glowing neon signs and glass tunnels connecting the towering buildings, it was a spectacle that could take your breath away, time and time again.

BioShock as a whole hits so many right notes and i feel it’s one of gaming’s crowning achievements, especially when it comes to its visuals. Something that’s quickly apparent is that you’ve never played a game that looks quite like this. Its well researched art direction is flawless and coupled with creepy atmosphere and the huge glass windows looking out into the depths, it has a way of mesmerizing you from the second you start playing.

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I recently went on a field trip to the coast for my plant community ecology class, stopping at various ecosystems along the way to learn about the plants that form each community. Over the next few weeks expect a lot of flower photos - but if you’re following me for the mycology, don’t worry. Mushrooms will return.