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I recently went on a field trip to the coast for my plant community ecology class, stopping at various ecosystems along the way to learn about the plants that form each community. Over the next few weeks expect a lot of flower photos - but if you’re following me for the mycology, don’t worry. Mushrooms will return.

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Such disrespect to JRR Tolkien. As all fan fiction is disrespectful to the source material and creator.

If I could just pick you up on a couple of points here.

First of all, fanfiction has ALWAYS been. There are ancient poems that have been discovered that are essentially Aias/Achilles fic.  Here is the wikipedia article about the print history of it. It’s interesting to note that in that article it states that in early Star Trek fanfiction women played stronger roles. So writing common characters in well known universes is liberating to those who may not have the representation in media. Imagine that, if you can.

As a theater professional, I’ve seen some woeful production that are more disrespectful to the original than some threads are. People who write characters have the utmost respect for the source and the creator. How could one not admire the person who originally created something that you found resonant?

Second, storytelling is one of the bases of human existence. Language and the performing arts would not exist without it. There is an inherent need in us to tell stories, to listen to stories, to see them, to communicate and collaborate with others. We are blessed with imaginations, a terrible thing to waste. 

Third, you patronizingly lecture me about disrespect and yet you found the time to send me this. You can create a blog for free. On that blog you are welcome to declare your opinions and post whatever you like. 

Lastly, I am passionate about Tolkien’s works and have been probably since you were a wee, unimaginative child. Lord of the Rings changed my life when I was a teen. Since then I’ve read everything I could. So come back to me when you’ve read his more challenging pieces, like the Histories, The Silmarillion, and The Lost Tales. At which point we can discuss how my writing one of his characters in situations that do not show up in his books, notes, or drafts, is disrespectful.

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i shipped miarren for a long time. not so much because i thought they were a cute couple, but because i always thought it was rude to ship a real person who already had a signifigant other with someone else. for years i've tried to look past all the obvious signs that D and M weren't actually together. for years i tried to ignore that whenever D is around M, or someone so much as mentions his "longtime" girlfriend, he looks absolutely, completely and utterly miserable. i tried to disregard-

Part 2:  the fact that D being with M just didn’t make sense, considering what kind of person M is, to put it simply. they just didn’t go together well. it seemed as if someone was trying to force two pieces of a puzzle together that didn’t fit. i always thought the concept of crisscolfer was cute as all hell, but i thought it was just that, a concept. however, over the past year and a half or so, i’ve started to doubt. i started following crisscolfer blogs, and what i began to see turned my entire-

Part 3:  perspective of D and M upside down. nothing made sense anymore. it became clear to me that it was all a charade. after i had been convinced that D and M weren’t together, i continued to try and convince myself that just because miarren was so obviously fake, that didn’t outright mean that D and C were a thing. but as time went on, i became curious as to why people thought they-

Part 4:  were. why crisscolfer supporters always say that they don’t “think” D and C are together, they “know”. so i did some digging. and what i found wholly convinced me. the one thing that gets me every time, is that C and D seemingly are not allowed to interact in ANY way. you see both C and D commenting on other glee co-stars posts. you see them hanging out with each other. miarren supporters always say that the reason you never see C and D together, or interact at all is because they “hate” each-

Part 5:  other. however, both C and D have confirmed that they are at the very least, close friends in the past. there are only two things that could explain the fact that they no longer interact. one: they had some sort of huge falling out. this however, makes absolutely no sense considering the relationship they had, and the way darren would respond to mentions of chris at the hedwig stage-

Part 6:  door. the only other option, two: there’s something they’re desperately trying to hide. i am 100% with you guys now. there is no way that M and D are truly together. and at this point, there is NO way that C and D aren’t truly-

Part 7:  together. on another note, i would just like to apologize on behalf of my former fandom. they can deny that they send extremely rude anonymous messages and asks to crisscolfer supporters all they want. but i used to talk to my former fellow miarren supporters. on a daily basis. and behind closed doors, some of those people (not all, some were kind and kept to themselves) would (no lie) brag to eachother about the hate they would send. it appalled-

Part 8:  me. they clearly feel threatened. they (whether its deep down or not) know something’s up. you can tell, by how defensive they get. when i was first starting to doubt that D and M were in fact together, i confided in someone i considered (at the time) a friend. they didn’t even try to convince me otherwise, they just BLEW-

Part 9:  UP. they might as well have just flown across the north atlantic ocean solely just to come to my house and personally bite my head off. they threatened me and called me names. i honestly could not believe the things i was reading. i blocked them, and that interaction only started to convince me that the whole miarren thing was fishy as-

Part 10:  hell. sorry for the long message. just needed to get this all out. lastly, who would you recommend talking to to get caught up? due to my apparent blindness over the past few years, i’ve missed a LOT of crisscolfer happenings. but i’d like to know about some, if not all of them and from what i can tell, there are no updated

Part 11:  masterposts/lists. also, i would be curious to know what was it that first started to convince you (and others) that miarren was as fake as a three dollar bill, and that crisscolfer was super duper on? maybe we could start a thread?


I applaud you Nonnie, thank you for your messages!!!!!!!  If you read my bio, you know I have only been here for about 2 years.  I never “shipped” miarren, i just never looked past the PR story. As a “naive New Yorker” i saw no reason for D to lie.   

I always suspected that there was something not right.  there was an Easter pic posted soon after she moved to LA and from that moment on, I was suspicious. There was a possessive vibe to it that made me extremely uncomfortable.

I found the CCverse when D’s twitter was “hacked” when both he and Chris were in Paris and quite frankly i never looked back. I spent a weekend researching. Sadly, the masterpost I found is no longer available. But I would recommend looking though @mleigh69‘s blog. I spent a lot of time there in the beginning. She no longer actively blogs, but is still a CC believer.

For me the final, 100% confirmation was watching the Trevor Live video. Watching I almost felt it was more intimate than watching a really romantic sex scene in a movie. There was clearly so much going on between the two men in this video. 

This combined with what I had read and saw left me with absolutely no doubt.

Chris of course is the captain of the ship. Read his books. Its all in there. Watch his IG likes.  So many are directly related to CC its unreal.  And honestly, Darren talks frequently and often, you just have to pay attention. He has a lot less freedom. But he rebels all the time.

And lastly,. came off anon and talk to me and to others. We are so happy to share what we know and point you in the right direction.

May 12, 2017 -Race Point beach -Provincetown, MA -taken April 13, 2017

This wide, sweeping beach is at the top of the arm that forms the outer Cape. The view here is looking NE towards the Atlantic ocean. The trip up here was a spontaneous one that my sister and I made back in April. We had been in Sandwich for an appointment, when we decided to make the hour long drive up to Provincetown to look for some of the Right whales that had recently been seen in Cape Cod Bay.

The North Atlantic Right whale is one of the most endagered whales in the world. They are very large baleen whales, growing up to 55’ long and weighing 70 tons. They feed on zooplankton. Their name “right whale” came from them being considered the right whale to hunt at the height of the whaling industry, because they were slow moving, and beacause of the large amount of blubber which tended to make them float after they were killed.

There are only a little over 500 left in the world, and 206 have been seen this year in Cape Cod Bay, a recodr number. Despite their protected status, they haven’t made much of a comneback since the time they were hunted almost to exstiction, and there are concerns that they could still become extinct. One of the biggest dangers for them is boat strikes. Only three calves arrived with the pod this year, and already one has died from what looks like a boat strile.

The Right whales come in close to shore to feed so they are more easily seen from land than other whales. On the day we were there, we didn’t see any unfortunately, although were told by others that just the day before a group of 10 were feeding only 50’ from the the shore line in this pic.

Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle solved? Hexagonal clouds creating terrifying air bombs with 170mph winds may be to blame for disappearing ships and planes, scientists claim

  • Bermuda Triangle has been been blamed for hundreds of missing vessels
  • The 500,000km square patch in the North Atlantic Ocean is still unsolved
  • Scientists now believe the clouds and weather phenomenons are to blame
  • The so-called air bombs can create waves of up to 45ft, experts have said

Hexagonal clouds creating terrifying air bombs with winds of 170mph could be behind the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. Scientists have claimed the stormy blasts can flip ships into the sea and bring planes crashing down into the sea. The mystifying 500,000km square patch in the North Atlantic Ocean has been blamed for the disappearance of at least 75 planes and hundreds of ships, but the oddly-shaped clouds may hold the secret to the vanishing acts.  

^ Hexagonal clouds creating terrifying air bombs with winds of 170mph could be behind the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

^ The mystifying 500,000km square patch in the North Atlantic Ocean has been blamed for the disappearance of at least 75 planes and hundreds of ships, but the oddly-shaped clouds may hold the secret to the vanishing acts

^ The winds created by the so-called air bombs are so powerful they generate 45ft high winds

The winds created by the so-called air bombs are so powerful they generate 45ft high winds. Meteorologist Randy Cerveny told the Mirror: ‘These types of hexagonal shapes over the ocean are in essence air bombs. 'They are formed by what are called microbursts and they’re blasts of air that come down out of the bottom of a cloud and then hit the ocean and then create waves that can sometimes be massive in size as they start to interact with each other.’

Researchers added massive clouds were appearing over the western tip of Bermuda Island – ranging from 20 to 55 miles across - and Dr Steve Miller, satellite meteorologist at Colorado State University told Science Channel’s What on Earth said: 'You don’t typically see straight edges with clouds. 'Most of the time, clouds are random in their distribution.' Scientists believe these weather phenomenons are behind the Bermuda Triangle mystery, according to the Mirror. At least 1,000 lives have been lost in the Triangle in the last 100 years. On average, four planes and 20 ships go missing every year.

A short Ford and Mabel bonding fic for @stariousfalls just because. You’re wonderful Syd!

It was a bright sunny day somewhere in the north Atlantic Ocean. A brisk salty breeze moved their boat along at a steady clip and Ford relished the warmth of the sun and the wind as it ruffled his hair as he jotted down some last minute observations in his journal. He was startled from his thoughts when his phone began to buzz. Setting aside his writing, he picked it up and looked at the caller ID. It was Mabel.

Now that was odd. Not that he wasn’t happy to receive a surprise call from his favorite niece, but, according to his calculations, she should still be in school. He answered it.

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