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P!nk last night, singing a mash-up of Funhouse and a cover of Just A Girl by No Doubt with bassist Tony Kanal!!!  Tragic Kingdom was one of the first CDs I ever owned and the Tragic Kingdom tour was the first time I went to a show without my parents (in 1997!) so this was AWESOME!!!  :D :D :D

kaydetee  asked:

Please please gurl pray for my family and I. This flood is 6ft and took my homeon Port Arthur. My house is gone. I haven't slept for 13 hours and we have no where to live for a month or so. It's horrible. I'm still shaking from the rain and the devastation. We are Atlantic City in here, girl. I just need prayers and some guidance or something because my anxiety is bad and I have bawled two times now. Dad and Mom just about had it with this town. Thank you so much for making me smile though! ❤️

im praying for you sweetie,, stay strong,, i love you

Castle Summer Ficathon Stories (May 12- May 22)

Hey Everyone! We’re going to work on making lists of the Summer Ficathon stories so people have easier access to them. As more stories get posted the list will either get updated or new lists will be made.

Great job everyone so far!

Operation: White Whale by lousiemcdoogle ​ -  Mission: Surveillance. Subject: Richard Castle. Transcripts from 27 Feb, 2009

Womb with a View  by  WRTRD -  Kate is pregnant, and even in utero the Beckett-Castle baby has plenty to say. Plenty.

Ancora by encantadaaAU set post 3x22: Unbeknownst to Kate, Castle already made a deal with her captain to shadow her. Unbeknownst to Castle, Kate has a huge secret.

Stowaway by Kato Molotov -  Captain Rick Castle knew from the moment he set eyes on her that she was trouble. Stowaways brought nothing else. But she had a story, and despite his better judgement, he knew he had to be a part of it.

595 Broome St by ColieMacKenzie -  The moment they met, their lives became extraordinary. A pre-series meeting AU.

Finding a Purpose by  Caskett1960 -  While in Atlantic City having a girls’ weekend with Kate, Lanie, and Jenny, Alexis and her best friend Paige find themselves suspected of murder.

Living Is Easy by  seilleanmor -  Castle’s first time at the Becketts’ cabin, summer after season four.

I’m Still Here by  CassieCastle47 -  On the swings during Watershed, Kate ends it. But when Castle gets a call from a DC hospital three months later, Kate Beckett once again turns his world upside down.

To the Void by  farewellblindgirl -  As their working relationship continues to deteriorate, Castle and Beckett must chase a serial killer targeting the city’s billionaires. Set late in S4, after Headhunters and The Limey.

40 Things I Love About You by  Cassie Bones -  Unrelated one-shots in no chronological order. Stand-alone. Caskett. Esplanie. Alexis/OC.

Heart of Stone by  A. K. Hunter -  With the swing of a knife, their lives were torn apart. Three years later, Alexis is determined to find her missing other half and get justice for the horrifying crime that separated them, not knowing that Kevin has long-since made a deal with the devil, and some bonds aren’t so easily broken.

Private Eyes 2: Psycho Killer by  Lord of Kavaka -  Sequel to PRIVATE EYES. Detective Kate Beckett joins forces with CIA Agent Rick Castle to stop an international serial killer known as “The Knave”. AU. Spy Castle.


It Was Always You Chapter 14

A/N: Hey guys, this chapter had been already uploaded but I took it down because I wanted to add a scene I left behind. Sorry for taking this long. Next chapter is going to be the wedding. I hope you like it. Thanks for the feedback I’ve been getting. Also, I’m currently working on another story but I don’t know when I’ll be posting it.

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