atlantic beach pie

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Customer: what's the Atlantic beach pie Me: it's a sweet cream with lemon pudding and saltine cracker gravel Customer: where's the peach flavor Me: oh, it's the Atlantic Beach pie, with a B Customer: yeah I know but where's the peach in it Me: there isn't any? It's a lemon meringue pie tasting ice cream. Customer: so there's no peach? Me: no Customer: that's weird. JUST. BECAUSE. BEACH. RHYMES. WITH. PEACH. DOES. NOT. MEAN. ITS. PEACH. FLAVORED!!!!!

We have this hanging in the break room. Some of our names are harder to pronounce but some people just say completely wrong things. Not shown: Riesling Peached Pears (poached pears) and Atlantis Peach Pit (Atlantic Beach Pie).