Hello, Homestuck!

Hi everyone. My name is Kat, and I would like to give you all a gift.

I love to sew and to make people smile, and I’ve always loved the idea of a horn pile - a real one. So I thought, maybe, I could do all these things. I want to make a horn pile that connects everyone. One that loves everyone.

I keep seeing so much hate on Tumblr lately. I know it’s not going to go away, and everyone has their own opinion, but that doesn’t mean I can’t put more love into the fandom, right?

I plan on getting some material to make fluffy fleece horn pillows (possibly with squeakers) very soon. They wouldn’t be very hard to make, and wouldn’t cost much, so this is what I’d like to do:

I want to give anyone who is feeling down, who wants a hug, who wants to be a part of the pile, a horn. I want the horn to tell them that they are connected to people like them: people who also have a horn, who also want to be connected, and who may also need a hug. I want everyone who gets a horn to bring it with them to meetups so they can make a pile of them. Every horn I give out will make the pile bigger. As the pile grows, so does the love. But I also want the pile to include everyone. No matter the ship, no matter the orientation, no matter the ideas, no matter the anything. I want everyone to feel only love in the horn pile.

So let me know if you want a horn. It’s going to take time to make them and I don’t even know if anyone will want one, but I want everyone to know how much I love this fandom and the wonderful people who are a part of it.

(P.S.: I’d also like to thank Chris and Barbara for helping <>)