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infinitepath-unrivaledskill  asked:

aight imma give u multiple musicians: 1) avenged sevenfold 2) royal thunder 3) ghost 4) bongzilla

Avenged Sevenfold: Meh. I liked them okay when City of Evil came out but then I lost interest. Their music just doesn’t “do it” for me.

Royal Thunder: Mel is legit my boo, but aside from that I think they’re a great band, one of the Atlanta metal scene’s finest breakout stars. CVI was half great and half snoozer TBH, but Crooked Doors was a huge level-up for them stylistically and it made me really love them as a band. I haven’t checked out the new album yet (whoops) but I’m sure it’s a continuation in the right direction. At another time I might tell you about the time I attended a birthday party with Josh Weaver and several other sludge dudes where I got way too vodka drunk and talked to everyone in Valley Girl lingo nonstop before requesting the same Fugazi song twice on Elmyr’s jukebox.

(Here’s me with Mel earlier this year at the EOS release party at Elmyr, BTW)

(Oh and here’s another stupid picture of us and another friend of Mel’s from 2015 at a Yob/Witch Mountain show)

Ghost: Way too cartoony/silly for my taste. I think they’re more style than substance and seeing them open for Mastodon and Opeth in 2012 only solidified that opinion for me. Too much smoke and mirrors for my personal taste. I remember talking with Susanne after the show (Brann hadn’t come out yet) and she was just gushing hard over Ghost like a teenage girl (she’s in her 40s). “OMG weren’t they AMAZING Dora?!” she asked me, and I was all “Yeah…they were cool…yeah…”. I agree with whoever said that Ghost sounds like Scooby Doo chase music because it does. Played-out concept, done better by other bands. Next.

Bongzilla: Ahh, Dixie Dave’s other other band. I adore Dixie with all my heart and his songwriting/lyricism with Weedeater is super important to me. Bonzilla is just kind of…there. It’s a bit silly for my taste in that kind of played-out stoner rock way, but Bongzilla isn’t meant to be a serious band anyway so it’s all good.