Did a fun illo for Green Label this week, of Gucci Mane & Future as football players. They re-sized the image incorrectly, and I wish they gave me a link back from the article, but I was happy they asked me to put something together for them! Here’s the un-edited image #donutglow

EDIT: As this thing gets shared all over for some reason, I just wanted to make clear that Green Label DID eventually link me up. Cool folks. | Instagram


He wasn’t a professional, he wasn’t an expert; he was literally learning as he went along, but with enough bravery to try.

Cam Kirk is known far and wide as the go-to photographer for Atlanta rappers, having captured the likes of Gucci Mane, Future, & the late Bankroll Fresh. So how did a shy, out-of-towner break into the city’s tight-knit music scene?

How Cam Kirk’s Photography Is Making a Difference in Atlanta, Rap, & Beyond


Raheem The Dream - “Freak No More” (Tight 2 Def, 1998)

I haven’t seen anyone on the internet mention this yet - possibly because internet users aren’t much interested in knowledge or knowing things no more - but Migos’ rising hit “Freak No More” is a very loose remake of A-Town pioneer Raheem The Dream’s mid-career Sexual Harrassment flip by the same title. Lyor better make that check payable to The Eliminator.


Yung Fresh - “Last Don” (Mixtape, 2012)

Another queazy type Zaytoven production for a yung rapper.

NESSLY: Bro, I literally have a timestamp in my head of when I realized I needed to turn this shit up. I went to Georgia State University for orientation where they make you take your ID picture and all that. I took one look at the fuckin’ ID and I had the worst look on my face. I will literally take a picture of the ID just so you can put it in this article. I look so mad. I remember being so upset.

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Kilo Ali Interview @ Creative Loafing

I’m not regretful of anything I’ve done in my life. [Except once when] I bought an airplane from Toys R Us, and I flew it in a park that was too little and it got stuck in a tree as soon as I got it in the air. I would change that, I would go to a real park. [laughs]