What I concluded after the Atlanta concert

Yongguk: had little energy but managed to make every single person in the venue scream. god like voice. didn’t really talk much which is worrying. 

Himchan: so unDER APPRECIATED. live vocal skills are through the roof. couldn’t stop smiling. went to the left side of the venue and almost got dragged in the crowd cause he got too close LMAO

Daehyun: acted like the leader cause yongguk was in his own world. hit every high notes plus some more. never stopped screaming. he interacted with the fans A LOT. his mic was turned up or something cause he was loud

Youngjae: also hit many high notes. he is an angel sent from heaven. during the dress code thing, he picked a fan boy and omg it was so cute. great dancer like wtf 

Jongup: during the BABY LOUNGE he waited so patiently for his solo stage which was right after. his live vocals are literally so intense it’s amazing. one of the best dancers I have ever witnessed jdhdksgls

Zelo: his singing skills like where did they come from. is now better than Beyoncé. his english is fcking amazing too he sounded like he was from America. really liked Atlanta.

Himchan, Oh Baby!

The night of Party Baby Atlanta was the greatest day of my life. 

During the whole night,Himchan and I kept making eye contact. This would only break when I looked away. I would start blushing every time he looked at me, so I couldn’t look at him anymore 😳 Daehyun is my bias, but Himchan sure did sway me after that night. 

Then hi touch came, Himchan was at the end and was the only one who extended his hand for a handshake lol. When I stood in front of Himchan, I grasped his hand and said, “Bye Himchan~~~” in sexy voice since we were vibing the whole entire night. He licked his lips, raised his brow, and blew a kiss!! After he did this, I LET OUT A SOFT MOAN AND HE LICKED HIS LIPS AGAIN!!! I go to leave but he still had my hand and was holding it so tight not wanting to let go. 

Every night since then, Himchan has been in my dreams. Daehyun baby, PLEASE FORGIVE ME. 

BONUS: My friends from Atlanta traveled to the New York show, but sadly I couldn’t attend :( During photo op, Himchan asked about me describing my outfit and said I was very cute with a smirk. Ahhhhhhh Himchan baby 🙈

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Nocking Point Party @ Atlanta - Emily Bett & Stephen Amell


B.A.P Party Baby Atlanta Boom Jongup Solo Stage.

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