This is Charlie, but his friends call him CD.  He’s looking for some friends.  His case is pretty interesting- he was dating a woman and they went to her ex’s  house so she could pick up child support and the ex slapped her across the face.  When she got back out to the car, she explained to Charlie what happened and he went in there and slapped the guy around.  For whatever reason, the guy said to Charlie, “you better just kill me”, so Charlie did just that–he shot and killed him. They decided to try to hide the evidence by burning down the house. Both he and his lady got sent to prison. She was released shortly thereafter and he’s in there for life.  Anyway, a little about him: he’s 49 years old, an animal lover and a sucker for children.  He likes learning about different countries and cultures, creating leather work, country music, MMA, college football and he’s a big fan of the Atlanta Braves. You can write him here:

Charles Hastings

#140734 (E-37)

St. Clair Correctional Facility

1000 St. Clair Rd.

Springville, Alabama