Mosques across the US have received death threats, including some from “Muslim slayer”

  • Four mosques in the Atlanta area were targeted with bomb and death threats, according to the Council of American Islamic Relations, the New York Daily News reported.
  • Greenview Madani Center, a Muslim community center in Lawrenceville, Georgia, received a handwritten letter from the “Muslim slayer” stating that “death is waiting for you and your kind.” A childlike drawing of a person being decapitated accompanied the letter.
  • Three other mosques in the Atlanta area received near identical emails that read: “MUZLIMS MEXICANS BLACKS WE WILL HUNTED NATION WIDE UNTIL ARE ARE DEAD OR GONE…”
  • In Lexington, Kentucky, another mosque, Masjid Bilal, received a handwritten letter that read, “An explosive device will be placed at your mosque very soon!” Read more (3/7/17 11:30 AM)

Summary: He always knew Dicky was different. Not bad different, just not like the rest of the boys in the neighborhood. A glimpse into the relationship of Coach and Bitty, and how Coach comes to terms with it all.  Also on AO3

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“So, Dicky. Do you want to watch a movie?”

Coach was happy to have Dicky at home. His visits had become far and few between, a rare thing, ever since… well, recently. Suzanne was out with her bowling league, so it was just the two of them for the evening.

“Sure, Coach. What do you wanna see? I think Predator is about to start,” Bitty replied as he grabbed a bag of Brother Kane potato chips from the kitchen and settled into the couch.

He then took the remote and was browsing through the channel guide.

“Also Rocky III is on, uh… Casino. What else…”

Coach watched his son and smiled listening to the movie choices being offered to him.

He always knew Dicky was different.

Not bad different, just not like the rest of the boys in the neighborhood. When he was younger and the other coaches had their boys in pee wee leagues (already drilling the eye on the prize mentality into their heads: “One day you’ll be the star quarterback, son!”) he would look at Dicky and sigh knowing that wouldn’t be his son’s fate.

And he made peace with it, for Dicky was always kind, always helpful, always wore a smile on his face and a smudge of flour on his cheek.

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Republicans who tied themselves to Trump performed poorly in the Georgia special election

  • It’s less than 100 days into President Donald Trump’s tenure, and the newly minted commander-in-chief looks like he could be a serious drag on Republicans in the 2018 midterm elections.
  • In Tuesday’s special election in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, Republicans who hitched their wagons to the Trump train fared poorly in this wealthy, suburban Atlanta-area seat.
  • “I think it should be noted that the two candidates who were most vocal about their support of Trump and their eagerness to get to Congress to support his agenda without asking any questions were Bruce Levell and Bob Gray, and neither one of those candidates are going to be in the runoff,” Chip Lake, a Georgia Republican strategist, said in an interview.
  • Levell, who worked on Trump’s campaign, got less than 1% of the vote. While Gray, who bear-hugged Trump and co-opted his “drain the swamp” slogan took just under 11%. Read more (4/19/17)
Looking for a roommate, supportive and accepting home 💕

My name is Lauren and I know this may be a shot in the dark but my boyfriend and I are looking for someone in the metro Atlanta area that needs to get out of an abusive home and is of working age. We need to move within the next month due to a rent hike and we are having trouble affording any places in our city (Douglasville) without the help of a roommate.

We are open to anyone older than 18, gender and orientation does not matter. We are very accepting and supportive and want to give someone a supportive environment that may not have one currently. We have an extra bed frame, mattress, sheets and basic necessities. We may have extra clothes depending on size and gender. We are fully willing to help you find a job, get a license, whatever else you would need help doing. We are also willing to drive to come get you if you have no way to leave.

We both have experience with mental illness and are very patient and understanding. I would prefer to give this room to someone who needs to escape abuse because we both have needed to escape abuse as young adults and we want to provide someone else that chance!

If you are interested please message me on tumblr messenger. I will skype with you so we can meet in real time and get to know each other. Please pass this around as much as possible so anyone who needs it has a chance to see it. Thanks so much!

Sid and Marty Krofft weren’t the acid-blotter gobbling burnouts that some might suppose – they had quite the savvy business sense and were just tapping into the zeitgeist of the era. Unfortunately, their instincts failed them when they decided to build a theme park based on the trippy, retrospectively heinous characters that slithered out of their imaginations. They say never to meet your heroes, the same can also be said about meeting your childhood nightmares.

And so, The World Of Sid And Marty Krofft opened in 1976 in downtown Atlanta, and even received the blessing of our nation’s toothiest, nut-lovin’ president. Its biggest selling points were that it was the first theme park to be entirely indoors, boasted the world’s largest escalator, and, of course, offered the opportunity to interact with randos dressed as abominations. The downside was that this area of Atlanta was, at the time, a cesspool of violent crime. And when city officials failed in their promise to clean the area up, the banks promising to support the park became wary of any further involvement.

This lack of funding led to unfixable technical problems with already sketchy-sounding rides like a “crystal carousel that ‘floated’ on a cushion of air,” and “a ride that sat you in a metal ball and took you through a giant pinball machine.” It’s odd to think that something as boring as money worries and red tape killed an amusement park filled with surrealist horrorscapes and smiling monsters, but it just goes to show that adult nightmares one-up children’s nightmares every time.

8 Amusement Parks That Died Surreal And Bizarre Deaths

When I used to see black women make posts about how black men weren’t interested in them I’d think y'all were full of shit because never in a day have I seen majority black men consistently curve black women but then it hit me. It’s not that it doesn’t happen. It’s just it doesn’t in my area. In Atlanta you don’t see the the preference of other races over black women too often. But when I think of places like NY and Cali I realize how diverse those areas are. So y'all not being preferred over other races seemed more realistic. So yea my bad.

The 6 Best Places In Atlanta To Come Down From The Absolute High Of Visiting Nashville

Okay, so you’ve been burning at both ends in Nashville for days, and the orgy of affordable, country-music themed Southern hospitality has to end before it permanently burns up all of the serotonin in your brain. What better place to go than Atlanta for a much-needed cooling-off period after the total fucking thrill ride that is Nashville? Here are six places in Atlanta you’ve got to check out to help you get your racing heart rate back to normal after mainlining Nashville’s mind-blowing sights and sounds.

1. A Braves game: After spending time in the spectacular hedonistic pleasure pod that is Nashville, what better place to wind down and taper your excitement level back to normal than a Braves game under the lights in Atlanta? No, it can’t hold even a fraction of a candle to a Nashville Sounds Triple-A ballgame under the godly lights at First Tennessee Park, but you’re going to need a nice, leisurely paced game of baseball to watch while you slowly drift back to Earth from heaven.

2. The Center for Civil and Human Rights: Flashbacks of Nashville still throbbing inside your head? If you can’t get the rush of visiting the Country Music Hall of Fame out of your brain, splash a little cold water on it by visiting the Center for Civil and Human Rights in downtown Atlanta. It’s just the place to lie down, close your eyes, and finally put the brakes on the flaming bullet train from Nashville you’ve been riding hard for days.

3. The World of Coca-Cola: It’s a scientific fact that it’s dangerous to leave Nashville without a detailed comedown plan, and a mild trip to the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta is just what the doctor ordered. Even if you aren’t a Coke fan, the Coca-Cola museum is a great choice because there’s nothing there to remind you of the insane, sleepless five-day bender of fiercely carnal Grand Ole Opry backstage tours and manic visits to Lower Broad you just subjected your poor body to in Nashville.

4. The CNN Studio Tour: Atlanta’s CNN tour is a can’t-miss place to start getting rid of the searing Nashville skyline that’s been burned into your brain and returning to normal. There’s a reason not everywhere is Nashville: Our bodies simply weren’t made to withstand a Nashville-level of excitement for long. Don’t risk going back. Please, stay here in Atlanta at CNN.

5. Zoo Atlanta: Fuck it, who are you kidding? You can’t just pull out of Nashville in the middle of experiencing the pure heroin of attractions such as Cheekwood Botanical Gardens and Music Row. Try all you want to cool down at Zoo Atlanta, but let’s face it, it won’t be long before Nashville snaps you back in like a bungee cord and you’re right back in the shit.

6. Six Flags Over Georgia: A few dozen 110-mph roller-coaster rides at this great Atlanta-area theme park might help chill you out, but honestly, it can’t replicate even a millisecond of the high of strolling through Nashville’s Riverfront Park. You know that the second Six Flags shuts down for the day, you’re hopping in your car, screaming at the top of your lungs, and flooring it right back to the supreme motherland of titillation: Nashville, Tennessee, baby. The only place where you can feel anything anymore.

Looking to find women that like to be shared

Pretty much in the title but here’s the wrap. Me and the gf didn’t work out, I’ve been single for a while. 19/m in north west Atlanta area looking for women my age looking to talk/date and like to be shared is a perk. Dm if interested

My sympathies to everyone in the Atlanta area. Your commute just got even worse. The good new is no firefighters were injured in putting out the fire and I haven’t seen reports of other injuries, but it’s early in the reporting cycle.

Source: Twitter

So how was your day at work? haha 

This happened a few months ago at my office. So Daniel Craig was in the Atlanta area at the time filming a movie, and he wanted to stop by the studio that creates Archer. I had NO idea that I would be sitting right in front of him. I was completely star struck!

 Before he continued on with the tour of the studio, I asked if I could get my picture with him, and he told me he would once he was done walking around. I waited for a while and kind of figured he might of left and forgot my request, which wasn’t a big deal. But then I heard him coming down the hallway talking over his shoulder, “I’ll be right back, I promised someone I take a picture with them, now I just have to find her.” I shot my hand up and happily waved him over. 

I’m a Bond girl now! <3

Shout out

Hey followers😊 just want to give a huge thank you to all my followers for reaching 90K FOLLOWERS!! That’s insane😱

Also, if you are in the northwest Atlanta area (Kennesaw/Marietta) and are between the ages of 18-23 (Female), slide into these DMs 😝

All are welcome whether you are already in a sharing relationship, single and looking to lock down, or just friends with benefits 😉

Side note: going to be in gulf shores Alabama for the weekend of 3/17-3/19 so hmu if you are too

Please, please, please keep in mind that this blog belongs to a MALE. I’m not interested in your dick size 😂

Anyways, stay thirsty my friends 😜

This some real shit. I lost my job and I need help. If you in the Decatur or Atlanta area fuck with me. I’m a1 I need a line up to . Help me (404)981-5129

I’ll be in NC / SC / the Atlanta area the second week of May for a research trip. If you’re in those locales and interested in an animal training consult or a behavioral science session, shout! (I’m happy to meet people but a couple paid gigs would majorly help fund the trip.)


I don’t know how many of y'all live in the metro Atlanta area. But those of you who do……

I’m teaching 3 classes !!!!

The classes will be on … what else…. Conjure and Rootwork. It’s 3 in total and each class will be different.

If your interested, the classes are $30 and will be held at Egbe Orisha Temple @ 355 Veterans highway in Mableton GA. The class dates are 5/2, 5/16, & 5/30.

The temple is also attached to a botanica in case you needed some stuff or needed a reading. The people are cool and honest. They teach other classes at the temple/botanica.


I have a Phoenix, AZ ticket available, but I can't sell it until I have a ticket for a show in the sellers area. (Atlanta, Nashville, Chicago, DC) This is more of a trade. Much love, x.