Attention all Pokemon Go players!

Tonight in Marietta Square, a big Pokemon hotspot in Atlanta, someone got excited seeing a news crew and decided to climb up a lamp post to show off- breaking it in the process. This obviously looks bad for the whole Pokemon Go community, especially since it may come up on the news! So to combat this, someone has started a GoFundMe to help with repairs. Any bit helps. It’d be wonderful if we could help keep up a good reputation so we can keep having as much fun as the past week has been. (something something be the very best like no one ever was)

Here’s the link to the GoFundMe, even if you don’t live in the Atlanta area, it’d be a shame for businesses to start banning the game once they hear about this.



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American Silverware
  • Western New York Flash takes the lead in Medal Count as they have won 2 Championships, 2 Shield Wins an 1 Runner Up.
  • The Boston Breakers are the only team to ever make an appearance in 3 different league playoffs. The Breakers are also the only team to have taken part in all major Professional American Top Tier Women’s Leagues.
  • Paul Riley leads all other coaches in playoff appearances with 4 appearances including 2 Philadelphia Union, 1 New York Fury, & 1 Portland Thorns FC. He has yet to win a championship.
  • Coaches Aaran Lines & Vlatko Andonovski are tied at 2 championships a piece. However Aaran Lines also has won 2 Shields and has 1 Runner Up.
  • The “DMV” (DC, Maryland, & Virginia) area takes the lead in teams that have made playoff appearances at 6.

**Notes about the Chart**

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