atlanta week

I’ll be in NC / SC / the Atlanta area the second week of May for a research trip. If you’re in those locales and interested in an animal training consult or a behavioral science session, shout! (I’m happy to meet people but a couple paid gigs would majorly help fund the trip.)

bap party baby in atlanta

so i wanted to make a quick post to talk about some things i learned at the bap concert in atlanta this past week. now ive always liked bap’s music but i could never really call myself a baby since i was so absorbed by other groups i never gave bap the time to really learn about them. i went to this concert with 5 of my friends who like bap and had all seen them live last year and these are a few things i really enjoyed about the concert:

• the whistLES OH My god i had no idea babyz did this its so cute. the only video i took was during wake me up because they were so loud and i really enjoyed it. its a very unique addition to fanchants, especially since fanchants arent really as popular during american concerts.

• jongup and zelo are s o good at dancing it was mesmerizing but what i really noticed was that yongguk was so into the dances it really surprised me. i kinda took him as the type of idol who focused more on the music and production and less on the dance? if you know what i mean, especially since he isnt even on stage for the beginning of wmu but he really made me eat my words at the concert. he was so lively, energetic, and animated with the dances it was so fun to watch him

• zelo is such a dorky kid i love him. his solo stage was playful while still showcasing his (vocal) talent, and his dances for the last few songs where they started to goof off were childish and teasing, but in a good way. it made me really appreciate how he can maintain his youth and personality while being in such an established group

• jongups solo stage was aMAZING. his dance and vocals were absolutely mesmerizing and im basically begging for a studio version of his song try my luck

• the constant interaction with the crowd by all of them was so fun, especially in as small a venue as it was

• the turn out was a little disappointing (there were a lot of empty seats right in the middle of the balconies) but they still performed like it was a sold out stadium

• i was very happy with the members’ individual performance. a friend mentioned before that yongguk always looks up at the balcony seats but honestly they all did (its kinda hard to look at the floor when youre on the raised stage) so i was not disappointed with my balcony seats at all (especially with the little interaction i mentioned in an earlier post)

all in all i had so much fun at the bap concert despite not being a huge fan. i want to give props to babyz for being a great fandom and supporting bap through all they have been through! it was great!!


I was in Atlanta last week, shooting a film, and I went in a convenience store to get a pack of gums and water, and there’s a guy there, his name tag says “Paul”. And I just- I was buying what I was buying and he said to me, “Hey, man, I’ll be watching March, 18th!” I said, “Cool, pal. I hope you like it!” and he goes, “Yeah, I hope so too,” and just like, gives me this death stare.

Jay Z has been in the studio with Atlanta producer Zaytoven this week. He is the producer of such records as “Versace” by Migos, “3500″ by Travis Scott, and Future’s new single “Used To It.” 

Hov has had a legendary run working with artists from the Dirty South; and no doubt after the week from Hell we’ve all be hoping Hov was heading to the studio. Hopefully there’s new music soon, and I’m sure he’ll be speaking on current events and giving us jewels to cope with the election results.

Got Poop On Yourself Wednesday.

I actually thought today was Thursday. It’s very windy outside. We get hit with another storm tomorrow. Since I started working from home…..I’ve been working 10-11 hour days. What the fuck?!?! I fly to Atlanta in 2 weeks. Lots of anxiety. Not for Atlanta, but the death trap that I will be on. Fuck I hate flying. HATE FLYING!!!

Peace out kids. High five your neighbor. Give the punk ass kid across the street a wet willy.


It has been a few months since I’ve posted. I’ve been teaching for the summer in California. I’m going back home to Philadelphia in a week and I’m moving to Atlanta in two weeks.

Android Oshún, the Africana WomaNINJA is back.


Hey guys, remember when us Atlanta area Panic! At The Disco fans broke a 100 year old former Baptist Church by going fucking crazy two songs in? 'Cause I sure do lol. 

This was a year ago last Saturday. Good times…