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The Noid infected pop culture so much in the ‘80s that he crossed into the realm of t-shirts, toys, and video games. But he mercifully disappeared from our TV screens by the '90s, not because the ads weren’t selling pizzas, but because of the kind of public relations nightmare that only a mentally ill gunman could create.

In January 1989, a man carrying a .357 Magnum revolver broke into an Atlanta Domino’s restaurant and held two employees hostage for five hours. 

Eventually, the hostages escaped and the man was apprehended. His name? Kenneth Lamar Noid.

That was no coincidence. Kenneth Noid had been suffering from a dark carnival of brain problems that led him to believe that the bombardment of TV commercials inviting pizza fans to “avoid the Noid” were making fun of him, personally. The advertising campaign drove his psychosis to the point that he believed the Domino’s Pizza Illuminati were breaking into his apartment while he was away to monitor him.

5 Dark Real-Life Followups To Movies And TV

My Big Fat Greek Wedding Zimbits AU

My Big Fat Greek Wedding was on last night, and I thought – what if this was a Zimbits AU?  I put together a little fic outline. Here’s what I came up with.

My Big Fat Southern Wedding

  • Dicky Bittle is the gifted and talented baking son of Suzanne and Coach Bittle who own The Dancing Pies restaurant in Atlanta.  A shy and quiet young man, Dicky spends most of his time baking, confiding in his moomaw, working at the restaurant but he wants more.  He wants more for his life than just the restaurant and his very large, very close-knit and overbearing extended family.
  • When the Bittles expand and build a chain of restaurants, they open up a Dancing Pies in Nashville.  It immediately becomes the biggest and most profitable restaurant in the chain, so the Bittles move to Nashville to oversee it.
  • Enter Nashville Preds star, Jack Zimmermann, who one day upon the insistence of his teammate Tater Mashkov, visits Dancing Pies for some of the pie Tater won’t stop going on and on about.
  • Dicky is working at the restaurant and feels his heart practically stop beating when Jack and Tater are seated. Dicky doesn’t think he’s ever seen anyone as beautiful as Jack in his entire life.
  • “Zimmboni, everything here is good.  You trust me,” Tater says as Dicky pours Jack a cup of coffee.
  • “Do you recommend anything?” Jack asks brightly.
  • “If I made it, uh… you’ll eat it,” Dicky says pushing up his glasses.  
  • Dicky remembers how he’s dressed and wants to die.  He woke up late that morning and is wearing some baggy jeans, a faded Cookie Monster t-shirt, a smear of toothpaste is just under his lower lip, and his hair is sticking up in the back with a cowlick from hell.
  • “The bitty baker is too funny, Zimmboni!” Tater yells as Jack smirks and watches the shy waiter from behind his menu.
  • “You made all the pies?” Jack asks.
  • Dicky nods nervously as Jack asks Dicky to just bring him what he thinks he’ll like.
  • They two enjoy their pie and coffee as Dicky dreamily watches from the counter.
  • They leave and Dicky thinks that’s that – until one afternoon Dicky is at the local bookstore perusing the cookbooks when he hears a voice behind him.  “Hey, aren’t you that baker?”

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Burger with mushrooms onions & cheese by Jack Kennard

Was craving for yukgaejang 육개장 (spicy beef brisket and vegetable soup) and found this restaurant Woo Nam Jeong Stone Bowl House with pretty good rating but turned out to be a disappointment; both in food and service. The fried dumplings were not crispy at all. They were more like microwaved dumplings which were soft and chewy. The yukgaejang was missing its signature ingredient: fernbrake. I tried several yukgaejang in Atlanta but none served it with the fernbrake. Wonder if it’s hard to find or they think people won’t like it. The food would have been more tolerable if it wasn’t for the service. There was not a single smile on any of the ajumma waiting our table. Maybe they just had a bad day but it was so obvious how unfriendly they were. Even grandma Han, the cook of the restaurant, was walking around and talking to 2 tables beside us but just skipped us in the middle. I wouldn’t mind that but the attitude of the server ajummas were just unpleasant. To top it off they were playing 80’s christmas music and some were like songs they played in church. The atmosphere was just so off. Wouldn’t recommend this place at all.

Richonne Head Canon Bingo

21. Who actually started the relationship?

He almost doesn’t go.  

He’s not one for blind dates, or first dates, or any date in general, considering his ex-wife was his high school sweetheart and fancy, formal dates were lost in the distant past of their relationship, and maybe that was one of their problems, but there’s no use worrying about it now because it’s gone and it’s over and it’s time to move on.  It’s been eight months and it’s time to get back out there, to start over.  Shane’s been incessantly drilling that sentiment into his brain at every opportunity.  He had been pretty sure his best friend feared he was never going to get back out there, and his first misguided attempt at setting him up with a stranger had confirmed his suspicions.  It had gone horribly, to say the least, and it gives him all the more reason to say no to his second offer as well.  But Shane swears he’s got it this time, that she’s close friends with his new girlfriend, Andrea, and basically the complete opposite of the last woman.  So he gives into peer pressure and drives off to some fancy restaurant in Atlanta he’s never heard of.

He almost doesn’t go, but the moment he lays eyes on her all his breath rushes from his lungs, as if he’d fallen from something high and landed straight on his back and opened his eyes to find an angel staring back at him.  

He thinks she’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen, with her dark, smooth skin and wide brown eyes and dreadlocks that elegantly hang and reach the middle of her back.  He swears the whole room lights up when she smiles, and the more she talks, the more he learns about her, the more enamored he becomes.  She’s confident and intelligent and and charismatic and interesting and so different than anyone he’s met before.  He could listen to her all day and never get bored once.  Even the way her lovely name rolls off his tongue makes his stomach churn in the best way. Michonne. He can’t stop saying it and thinking it.  And he doesn’t really believe in love at first sight, but he sits with her and laughs with her and something lights up inside him and stirs in his heart and he knows. This is it.  She is his new start.  


He doesn’t want the night to end but eventually it does, and he walks her outside and stands with her as she waits for an Uber. He tries to think of some way to bid her goodnight that will show her how much he’s enjoyed himself, how much he likes her, how much he wants this.  Her car pulls up to the curb, and she turns to him, saying something about another date, soon, but he realizes he doesn’t want to do the customary dance around each other, to wait five or three or even one more date to make her his, if she’ll have him.  

So he swallows all his fears of rejection and leans in to kiss her. Their lips meet, and it is soft and short and sweet, but it’s right and it’s everything and he knows with every fiber of his being. Michonne.  Their mouths part with a quiet smack and when he looks at her, her eyes are bright and her smile is wide and his entire soul leaps.

She knows too.

(written by @michonnejennings - writing blog: @reciprocityfic)

BLH..Black Learned Helplessness and The Need for Self Sufficiency

Niggas, and you don’t want to be a nigga.. cause niggas are living contradictions..

Niggas are full of unfullfilled ambitions

Niggas watch and wait

Niggas love to complain.

While the FBI is focusing on B.I.E, I am concerned about B.L.H., commonly known as Black Learned Helplessness. It appears to be spreading fast though the the Black community. It’s latest manifestation can be seen down in Atlanta outside a restaurant called Houston’s. Apparently the restaurant has mistreated some Black patrons, the word has spread and a learned helplessness protest/rally has ensued, even the rapper T.I. and the rapper Rick Ross have joined the learned helplessness protest. 😔

They will not be influenced in the slightest by mere verbal protests on our part. They realize only too well that protests of this kind contain nothing but the breath expended in making them. ~ Marcus Garvey

With T.I. and Rick Ross joining the protest surely Houston’s will see the error of their ways…😂

Look Amos Wilson said it best there no substitute for self sufficiency.

T.I. has a net worth of $75 million and Rick Ross has a net worth of $35 million, what hell are they doing protesting outside of a restaurant? They have the means and ability to pool their resources and open up restaurant to compete with Houston’s. Think of all the employment opportunities they can offer our people in Atlanta. If planned properly their restaurant could open the doors for Black farmer’s in the area, a cooperative effort they could buy food stuff from the farmers, reach out to Black truckers in the area to deliver the perishable/ food item’s to the restaurant etc, etc as Dr Claud Anderson described in Powerconomics a vertical business model. ✊

If you cannot do it, if you are not prepared to do it then you will DIE. If you cannot do what other men have done, what other nations have done, what other races have done, THEN YOU HAD BETTER DIE.~ Marcus Garvey

As 2017 is weaning and 2018 is coming upon us, we need to drop the learned helplessness mindset we have adopted and embrace mind of self sufficiency. This protest movement is getting us nowhere…..

Can we do it? We can do it? We shall do it. ~Marcus Garvey

Always Together (Bechloe oneshot)

Soulmate AU wherein when one pair of a soulmate dies the other promptly follows. (Not nearly as sad as it sounds or as you are imagining it to be. I promise)

AN: So this is just a little oneshot that wouldn’t let go of my brain. Hope you enjoy!  

Beca clung tightly to Chloe’s hand.

Chloe looked over at her.

Beca’s once thick, chestnut, now thin, silver, hair was splayed out on the pillow around her head. Her once proud, sharp features, now softened with age, were all set into a look of peaceful contentment. Chloe couldn’t help but think that she had never seen the little woman look more beautiful than she did right now.

Chloe took a moment to think back over her life, her childhood, her time at Barden, but most of all, her time with Beca. They had shared quite the wild ride over the years, and anytime Chloe had pictured this moment, this finality of their relationship, she always pictured it much different than it was happening.

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Black waitress handed menu with hand-drawn swastika while working at event hosted by David Irving
An African American waitress has told how she was handed a menu containing a hand drawn swastika while unknowingly working at a private reception hosted by Holocaust denier David Irving.

An African American waitress has told how she was handed a menu containing a hand drawn swastika while unknowingly working at a private reception hosted by Holocaust denier David Irving.

Shelley Sidney said told an Atlanta television channel she had complained to her employer and demanded the event be terminated, but that he cited the right to freedom of speech. Writing on Facebook, she said she heard people using racist and homophobic slurs, and talking about “Jews and immigrants”.

“I was really in tears when I was overhearing the conversations, the private conversations of just how horrible black people are, immigrants are, gay people are,” Ms Sidney told WSB-TV.

Ms Sidney said the incident happened at the Antica Posta restaurant in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta. The restaurant was apparently one of the locations for Mr Irving’s latest book tour, advertised as “David Irving looks back: My fifty years defending Real History against its enemies. An evening with the British historian”.