atlanta here we come

Morgan - Atlanta, GA

Morgan: I was with the love of my life. His name was Chris. Tomorrow will be a year to the day that he died. We were both on heroin really bad. 

We lived in Paulding County. We had everything. We had fourteen acres. He rebuilt tractors and collected stuff. We raised cattle and sold them. We made really good money.

We started messing around with the pain management doctors. Selling the Roxys. We weren’t hurting for nothing. But that’s what led us into heroin. We thought it’d be cheaper and better. 

He caught an infection in his heart called endocarditis and it shut down a valve. He was really bad off. I set up there with him at Kennestone Hospital for about two months. [When he got out] he was supposed to go get antibiotic treatments every single day. I was taking him to do that. 

[The police] picked him up on an old warrant when we were leaving a gas station. They took him to jail. I was calling, blowing up the jail’s phone, letting them know, look he’s sick. He’s really, really sick. He needs to be in the hospital. They just wouldn’t listen. 

About two weeks later I get a call, which was November 20th of last year at about 3 A.M., and they said that I needed to come up to the hospital. 

So, I get excited, thinking I’m going to go up to the hospital and pick up the love of my life. When I get to the hospital, everybody’s acting really weird. I see GBI and the doctor comes out and said, “he didn’t make it. He died.”

[After that] I couldn’t keep up the bills. We had been coming up here [West End, Atlanta] to get our dope. I had a friend out here, which was the dope man. I thought he would let me stay and everything would be cool. He ended up getting busted but my addiction just stayed the same. Basically I never quit. I never quit. I’ve just been on it ever since. Been out here for a year. I just can’t shake it. 

I didn’t used to be like this. I was completely normal. I took care of him, took care of the house, everything. But, if two days [off heroin] go by my body shuts down. I can’t move. I get so sick. It’s horrible. 

I’ve done people wrong. I’ve burned just about every bridge that I have. It just makes me wonder when I’m going to open my eyes and see that enough is enough but I just don’t. I just don’t.