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I dedicate this Master’s degree to all who died and didn’t get a chance to try.

I achieve for you.

The day was a long one and it showed itself in Finn’s disheveled hair and his wrinkled scrubs. The fluorescents were as bright as always in the emergency room and Finn lingered in his attempts to look busier than he was. Typically, his residency rounds consisted of other work, but, today, he had been placed in the ER rotation. A familiar voice caught his attention and he lifted his head, expression already drenched in a concern that arched his the lines of his forehead, for he hadn’t expected anyone he knew to show up in the emergency room, of all places, today. “What are you doing here? Are you okay?” he asked, gravitating towards the Atlantan.  

Shelter from the storm: Teachers entertained, dried tears of kids stuck overnight at school

(Photo: Lindsay Treharne)

When 90 kids were stranded overnight by the snow, E. Rivers Elementary School principal Matt Rogers made it a fun “snowcation” – showing movies, serving pizza, drying tears and tucking them in using their own coats as blankets. 

“It was just something you sign up for when you become a teacher,” said one teacher, who slept for about 90 minutes Tuesday night on her classroom floor. “You’ll take care of your children whenever necessary.”

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“No one is ever too old to learn. Therefore, you should take advantage of every educational facility. If you should here of a great man or woman who is to lecture or speak in your town on any given subject and the person is an authority on the subject, always make time to go and hear him. This is what is meant by learning from others.” ~ Marcus Garvey