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“In that one embrace, two of the show’s stars added another layer to Atlanta. It proved that there’s bravery and brilliance in showing that black men can be vulnerable and intimate. And that, yes, they’re artists worthy of Hollywood’s highest recognitions.” - Jamilah King, Read more

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Atlanta is unlike anything else on TV. It exists in a surreal, alternate reality. In Atlanta, Justin Bieber is black (though still a privileged jerk), black kids show up to class in “whiteface” and when an NBA player claims to own an invisible car, he actually does. It shatters archetypes for its characters, and gives everyone time in the spotlight. And its season one arc wonderfully defies logic.

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‘Atlanta’ isn’t returning until 2018

  • FX’s Atlanta was widely celebrated upon the show’s best TV series comedy win at the Golden Globes Sunday night. 
  • But fans anxious to see what happens in season two will have to wait until 2018.
  • The delay is being attributed Donald Glover’s other acting commitments: Namely playing Lando in the Han Solo spin off movie. Read more

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Aight, I know this is a long video, but if you have some time to kill sometime soon, I reeeaaaalllllyyy recommend watching this. 

It’s Jon Favreau (Elf, The Jungle Book) interviewing an insanely talented panel consisting of Lin-Manuel Miranda, Donald Glover, Issa Rae, and Damien Chazelle about the current state of creativity, media and art. There’s a fantastic amount of stuff to learn in the interview. Hoping you guys give it a chance.