I randomly grabbed a roll of 100 speed film and I didn’t know it was expired. all the photos came out with a purple tone, but it’s moody.
[contax g1, Kodak 5329]

also I’m in Chicago right now!!

Like I said in previous post…

When you at #carnival especially in #Trinidad. No #nostiffwineponmi

When carnival starts #stateside this will be me all day and all night…I can’t wait #mysquad better be ready…….🙌🏾

@daly630 @eventsbyempressnic @keishlt

@_inhalemee ❤️🙌🏾 my imaginary dancing sister.. #respect ・・・
Wine up on meh body gyal wine up like ah carnival 🎤💃🏽

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Getting better & better with my camera everyday. I may not be as good, or have these fancy 300-1000 dollar lenses like everyone else, or a dope catalouge with hella clientele, but I have fun with what I do have, and thats all that matters.
Never not do something because you think its “trendy” or “you’re not as good as anyone else” if you love it..do it. Best investment I ever made.

BPAL Travel Schedule 2016

Hello, North American friends! Here’s the list of events you’ll find us at this year. We look forward to seeing you as we take our show on the road.

San Diego Comic Con - CBLDF Welcome Party
July 21, 2016
Westgate Hotel, second floor

Dragon*Con - Atlanta, GA
September 2-5, 2016
Booth number 1317, America’s Mart Building 3, first floor

Ticket/Membership info: http://www.dragoncon…rship_pre_sales

$100 through 02/12/2016
$110 through 05/13/2016
$120 through 07/15/2016
$130 through 08/19/2016
$150 through 08/30/2016
$130 in onsite registration at the show

New York Comic Con
October 6-9, 2016

We’ll post further updates as they arise! 



If you’re not already showing up on Google Fiber’s Apartment Finder, talk to your landlord or managing company immediately. Let them know that you want fiber to be made available. Let them know how much money it will save their renters. Let them know how much Fiber can increase the value of their property ($2k to $5k on average). Let them know that Fiber has a full range of cable options including Turner channels, ESPN, and premium services like HBO, Starz, and Showtime. Point them to the form for building owners to fill out so that they can show their interest and get fiber lines run. 


Fill out the “check your address” form on fiber.google.com to show that you’re interested. Spread the word to your neighbors. Let google know there’s interest. Sign up for their mailing list so that when your fiberhood comes around, you’ll be ready to sign up and to encourage your neighbors to sign up. If you or your neighbors are locked into a contract, you’ll still be able to sign up for installation using Google’s 5mpbs plan– you just pay the installation fee and you have free internet for the next 7 years– and use that until your contract runs out, at which point you can upgrade. 

Get the fucking word out and get people signed up. Once the construction period is over, it’ll be too late and Comcast will be able to charge whatever they want for subpar service again. 

You can always tell when a man is with someone that cares about him because his style instantly upgrades…

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Tupac Biopic 'All Eyez On Me' Atlanta Casting Call for New Models

Tupac Biopic ‘All Eyez On Me’ Atlanta Casting Call for New Models

External image

Tupac’s biopic All Eyez On Me is now hiring new models to appear in the new movie filming in Atlanta. The upcoming Tupac movie All Eyez On Me is looking for new models to play Los Angeles types for a scene filming in Marietta, Georgia on Friday, February 12th. About All Eyez on Me: There were rumors for several years that there was going to be a Tupac biopic movie. But, following the release of…

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