This Rooftop Garden Is Feeding Atlanta’s Homeless

Like skinny jeans, thick-framed eyeglasses, and a penchant for free-range, shade-grown coffee beans, urban gardens typically scream “hipster.” To its supporters, urban farming is not a trend but a movement—and in Atlanta, some of these devotees include a demographic that is decidedly not hipster: the homeless.

Most residents of Atlanta are familiar with the city’s largest homeless shelter, the Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless. Situated along the border of the affluent downtown and midtown business districts, the shelter has a controversial and beleaguered reputation, as well as a troublesome relationship with the city. While local politics is rife with talk of gentrification and displacement, the rooftop of the shelter has quietly blossomed into an oasis of organic food and practical life experience for its residents.

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Richard & Arthur.

Atlanta, 2015

This was a fun project (Well, okay really they all are) and a bit out of the ordinary for me. I managed to get my hands on a lovely arca swiss 4x5 view camera, an assortment of sexy lenses and an IQ160 digital back for the weekend. 

I adore medium format, and I work with digital backs frequently, but it’s been ages since I’ve shot anything on a proper view camera so I was definitely rusty. Richard and Arthur were extremely generous and patient with me while I muddled through and had little “aha” moments as things started to come back to me. I’ll have to do that again soon.

In the mean time, go say hello to Arthur and Richard over at Piercing Experience in Candler Park. They were both super rad and gracious hosts.

On the chance that some of my followers and their friends might be interested in this and live in the greater Athens or Atlanta area, this is a group therapy/ gathering opportunity in Athens, GA for the trans community. Please share with anyone who may be interested! 

The University of Georgia Speech and Hearing Clinic is implementing a communication therapy group on Mondays from 3:30-5:00pm. We’ll talk about gendered communication and focus on healthy ways to transition intonation, language, pitch, and resonance. This is one of the first groups of this kind in the Georgia University system, and we’re excited for the opportunity to begin this type of therapy environment and learn from this experience. Any questions can be sent to Ingrid Hinkley at ihinkley [at] uga [dot] edu. Thanks so much!

Another old downtown building faces demolition: the Bell

GSU plans to demolish Downtown Atlanta’ s long-empty Bell Building, which sits at 25 Auburn Avenue. Dating from 1907 and originally used as an exchange for Southern Bell telephone company, this is a three-story, steel-framed structure that could be a great adaptive reuse project.

It’s no great piece of architecture. But it shines like a dis-used diamond on this block that is otherwise dominated by a giant parking deck – which is directly across the street from an even uglier parking deck.

This old brick building is in a position to provide some history and “lovable” character to an otherwise grim stretch of Auburn Avenue, and it could do so in a historic downtown that has lost too many similar structures over the years.

GSU could spare the Bell and let it be part of a great reuse/restoration/renovation trend that’s happening with projects nearby, where old buildings like the Olympia, the Flatiron, the Atlanta Daily World and Switchyards are all getting new life.

Save the Bell!

We really appreciate the outpouring of support and concern we have received over the past two days.

The O4W neighborhood has gone through a ton of changes over the past number of years and we are glad to be a part of the growth.

For those concerned about The Masquerade leaving Atlanta, rest assured, we aren’t.

We will release specifics as soon as we can. We are continuing with our booking through 2016 and all shows are going forward.

In the mean time, please join us on August 8 and 9 as we celebrate our 25th anniversary in Atlanta with over 60 tremendous bands at The Wrecking Ball ATL.

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