Damn, damn, DAMN that Griffin!

Monica Raybrandt
Dark Chronicle / Dark Cloud 2

The magic-using, shape-shifting, sword-fighting, time-travelling daughter of King Raybrandt, Monica spearheads a quest to bring the evil Emperor Griffin to justice when her father is murdered before her very eyes.  That’s about as dark as the game gets, though - the two protagonists of Dark Chronicle spend the majority of their time visiting places with names like “Rainbow Butterfly Forest” and coming to understand their enemies and talk them through deep personal trauma.

The two-protagonist system in the game lets you switch at whim between Monica and Max, a pair of compassionate and driven young people.  Max is the narrator and viewpoint character, but the spotlight is always on the both of them.  And they don’t even fall in love!  How unusual.


Dark Cloud 2- Spiral of Dreams OST (by DenzelBoy)

One of the best tracks in this underrated gem, imo. Despite my love for the game, the soundtrack has its ups and downs. Mainly the latter with a few moments, like this, that shine through brightly.