Avatar: The Last Airbender 30-Day Challenge: Day 3

Day 3: Favorite Character


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It was hard to pick between Iroh and Sokka, since Sokka’s sarcasm and meat-loving appeals to my sarcasm and vegetarianism (don’t ask why. I love meat even though I don’t eat it, so it’s like I’m pining for it. Damn morals). In the end, though, Iroh is my favorite character.

Let’s just talk about how kind and forgiving and wise he is. Zuko is his nephew, and he does everything in his power throughout the entire series to help him. Zuko is rude to him, spurns his efforts, lies to him, calls him nasty things, and Iroh is still there. He’s still there for Zuko in the end. And the middle. And beginning. And all of it. When Zuko had no father or mother or sister who would support him, Iroh proved to be the only family he needed.

Plus, Iroh has an amazing sense of humor, and his failed jokes are often funnier than a lot of the other ones made. Plus he loves good tea, something that I can 100% relate with.

Iroh is fair to all civilizations, even though, as the Fire Lord’s brother, he obviously should support the Fire Nation’s conquest of all four elemental lands. Instead, he is a part of the White Lotus people, vowing to bring equality and peace to the lands. He is always wise and open to meeting new people, and is never judgemental.

Even in all of his kindness and forgiving, he knows when someone needs to be taken down, as shown in when he advises Zuko that “Azula is crazy and she must be taken down.” This is a big difference between him and Aang - both peaceful people, except Iroh knows that there is a time when a person in the world does more bad than they ever could good.

I just adore Iroh. Period.