i’m doing the music thing but i’m not copypasting the whole thing because that’s boring

  1. Flowers Scatter, Sins Become Illusion - dBu Music
  2. Footsteps of Darkness - Gundam AGE OST (no link available)
  3. Your Song
  4. Sleepless Night of the Eastern Country
  5. A Love Song to You - Mylene Jenius (no link available)
  6. REMEMBER 16 - Fire Bomber
  7. Ashita E No Kodou - Trails of Cold Steel
  8. Koi no Mahou - Fire Bomber (no link available)
  9. ATLACH=NACHA / Going On -244- - S.S.H. (no link available)
  10. Engage in Showdown: Irreversible Lane ~SEGMENT 7 - PAST RISINGS AGAIN~ - HELLSINKER OST

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