last air bender / legend of korra characters
  • aries:aang / pabu
  • taurus:appa / bolin
  • gemini:ty lee / asami
  • cancer:katara / jinora
  • leo:sokka / korra
  • virgo:zuko / lin
  • libra:suki / varrick
  • scorpio:azula / kya
  • sagittarius:iroh / bumi
  • capricorn:mai / tenzin
  • aquarius:toph / mako
  • pisces:momo / kuvira

Air - Breana Melvin (PRINTS)

The Legend of Korra/Avatar: The Last Airbender Gallery Nucleus exhibition opens tomorrow night, and my Aang piece got in. This is part one in a series of pieces that will depict the other main Avatars of series (i.e. Korra, Roku, Kyoshi, Wan) with their base elements. Prints will be available at the end of the month in my INPRNT shop.

If you’re interested in prints of this specific piece, make sure to show your interest by requesting so at Gallery Nucleus