Ok but imagine if Lance is blindfolded, handcuffed and thrown into a lake without his helmet. Keith dives in to save him and when they break the surface Lance thinks it’s Allura.
Lance: Oh Allura you saved me! *kisses Keith on the cheek*
Keith:*blsuhing mess* actually Lance it’s me
Lance: ok you can let me drown now…

I will never get over the fact that in the episode immediately after his transforming illness, immediately following a conversation where Iroh tells him that now is the time to decide between good and evil, in an episode literally called the Crossroads of Destiny, Zuko chooses terribly.He chooses to betray justice and his uncle for Azula. But Zuko is not lost, because it is not the final choice. His failure has consequences, the entire Earth Kingdom is essentially destroyed, but Zuko chooses betrayal in the Crossroads of Destiny and then goes on to learn from his mistakes and fight for justice. Zuko’s arc is a lot of amazing things, but my favorite is its hard rejection of the idea that there is a single time to turn your life around or a single point that damns you forever.

 Artist Ask Meme Q2

Who is your favourite character to draw?
There are A LOT of characters I like to draw so it’s hard to choose but recently I’ve gotten into drawing the Avatar squad. I really like drawing Toph!

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Lance: quick we need to hide Keith!
Shiro: what! Why what’s wrong!
Lance: he’s vulnerable! They will attack and take him down!
Hunk: Lance calm down who are they?
Lance: the enemies!
Pidge: of who?
Keith:what… if for the love of
Pidge: cause got Zuco got his honour back and Shiro took yours last night

How your feelings about Prince Zuko change and develop throughout the series.

“This guy is a total dick.”

“Ok, you’re still being a dick, but like it’s because your dad is a much bigger dick.”

“Still being a dick, and yet you’re really growing on me.”

“Can you just chill the fuck out for like five minutes?”

“For a villain, you’re actually really honorable.”

“Seriously, your family is the worst. Your mom and uncle are cool though.”

“I feel your inherent good nature conflicting with your shitty upbringing.”

“YAAASS you’re being so cool now!”

“See? It’s nice being a good guy.”

“Wait…What!? Why are you being a dick again?!!”

“I’m not mad, I’m just really disappointed…”

“Now you feel guilty about being such a dick.”

“You know you’re supposed to be a good guy, quit fighting it already!”

“FINALLY!!!!! You’re being so awesome now and I love you.”

“You could have handled that better, but you’re trying and I support you.”

“You’re seriously the coolest character ever.”

“Also your hair looks great right now.”

“I think all of Team Avatar finally loves you now too.”

“My love for you is infinite and undying.”

“You’re gonna be the best fire lord ever.”

“I want to have your animated children.”

“I’ve finished the series and I’m not coping well.”

“I need a series all about fire lord Zuko.”