Why I Love Ty Lee

In my opinion, Ty Lee is one of the most under-appreciated characters in the whole of the fandom. It’s always annoying when I hear people discussing the characters, and never mentioning Ty Lee. 

Out of the three girls in Ozai’s Angels, Ty Lee is probably the most powerful. Sure, Mai’s flying projectiles are deadly, but her supply is finite and her hand-to-hand combat isn’t exactly up to par with Ty Lee’s. As for Azula, remember when Ty Lee and Mai betrayed her? (Heartbreaking moment for me, by the way.) Ty Lee could defeat her, because she could take her bending away. I don’t care if that is temporary, it’s a great skill to have. While their bending will be recovered later, she would still have time to incapacitate them further. 

So, we know that Ty Lee is badass…

She held her own against Suki for crying out loud. 

I mean





It also kills me when people dismiss her always being one emotion: happy. As you can see, this is not the case.




And there are plenty more. Ty Lee is a complex multi-faceted character. She is a naturally optimistic person yes, but she also uses her cheerful nature to hide her less favorable emotions. 

Her relationship with Azula always fascinated me. She was devoted to Azula. It wasn’t loyalty, as we can see from her shocking betrayal, and it wasn’t fear. I’ve decided her reasoning was one simply word: love. I think Ty Lee loved Azula, as a friend and even something more. It would explain why she chose to betray Azula. 

Oh, I hear you telling me that people don’t betray other people if they love them, but in this case, I make an exception. Azula was on a dangerous course. I think killing Mai would’ve hurt her more than the betrayal. She still would’ve gone insane, and I think Ty Lee recognized this, somewhere deep in her consciousness. It was obviously an impulsive action. Ty Lee herself looked shocked. 

It explains what happened perfectly, while keeping in with Ty Lee’s motus operandi. 

Ty Lee’s backstory was plenty tragic, what with her many sisters and her neglectful parents. I feel bad for her, but she got a happy (or perhaps bittersweet) ending, and that’s a good ending for a great character.

Have some more Ty Lee GIFs and then say au revoir!

Bye now. Have a good day and a pink aura!