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What else would you change in Lok, just a general list?

 lol, I really don’t want to but you asked nicely…

  • Well, as someone previously pointed out, I would’ve shed some light on the Fire Nation’s reconstruction process after Sozin’s fall. For the most part, we see how all the other nations evolved/rebuilt after the war but not the Fire Nation. I assumed it was because of the great emphasis that was placed on The Fire Nation in ATLA…but still. I would’ve loved to see how the nation that was the catalyst for the war evolved/recovered over time, etc. 
  • I would’ve nixed the love triangle in Book 1 with an axe (Although I try to give the creators and writers some slack because at the time they were only planning on making one season.)
  • I would’ve dug into the the Equalist movement more. I mean the divide between benders vs non-benders is much deeper than what Book 1 showed. Sure their leader was exposed as a fraud, but that doesn’t takeaway from the hardships and so forth that non-benders have faced throughout the years…centuries…basically since bending became feasible. So, it’s not so much the Equalist movement itself that I wish received more attention, but the main concern that drove it, which is the issue of inequality. 
  • The whole Vaatu and Raava showdown would’ve actually made a great show finale. I suppose we already had something similar in ATLA, which is why they decided to go the Kuvira route, but eh? To each their own. Although this is really just a petty request, I’ll be honest haha. 
  • Honestly I would’ve nixed Book 4 of LOK. If anything, ATLA should’ve had a book 4. Aaron Ehasz, one of writers for ATLA, had so many great ideas for a Book 4 of ATLA that I wish more than anything had become a reality. (side note: Ehasz wrote most of the episodes for ATLA, is basically the reason why most of the characters are as multidimensional and intriguing as they are, hell he’s one of the main reasons Toph is a girl instead of a boy…yeah, Toph was supposed to be a boy.) So, am I saying I wanted LOK to end with The whole Red Lotus vs Korra ordeal? No, absolutely not! Basically the overall story told in LOK would be dramatically altered, especially if I truly had it my way and there was a Book 4 of ATLA created. Although there are definitely some significant  moments/messages in LOK I would be sure to include in this “new LOK story”.
  • Oh and random opinion, but I would’ve kept Uncle Bumi a non-bender. I actually liked the fact that Aang and Katara had a kid who couldn’t bend. Hate me if you must. 

So, yeah, just to name a few. I know this is pretty vague and sloppy but there is really no point in going into great detail. The shows are done, nothing can be changed now and the comics won’t be able to “fix” or change much either. It is what it is. Don’t get me wrong though, I still love the Avatar universe.

Why I Love Ty Lee

In my opinion, Ty Lee is one of the most under-appreciated characters in the whole of the fandom. It’s always annoying when I hear people discussing the characters, and never mentioning Ty Lee. 

Out of the three girls in Ozai’s Angels, Ty Lee is probably the most powerful. Sure, Mai’s flying projectiles are deadly, but her supply is finite and her hand-to-hand combat isn’t exactly up to par with Ty Lee’s. As for Azula, remember when Ty Lee and Mai betrayed her? (Heartbreaking moment for me, by the way.) Ty Lee could defeat her, because she could take her bending away. I don’t care if that is temporary, it’s a great skill to have. While their bending will be recovered later, she would still have time to incapacitate them further. 

So, we know that Ty Lee is badass…

She held her own against Suki for crying out loud. 

I mean





It also kills me when people dismiss her always being one emotion: happy. As you can see, this is not the case.




And there are plenty more. Ty Lee is a complex multi-faceted character. She is a naturally optimistic person yes, but she also uses her cheerful nature to hide her less favorable emotions. 

Her relationship with Azula always fascinated me. She was devoted to Azula. It wasn’t loyalty, as we can see from her shocking betrayal, and it wasn’t fear. I’ve decided her reasoning was one simply word: love. I think Ty Lee loved Azula, as a friend and even something more. It would explain why she chose to betray Azula. 

Oh, I hear you telling me that people don’t betray other people if they love them, but in this case, I make an exception. Azula was on a dangerous course. I think killing Mai would’ve hurt her more than the betrayal. She still would’ve gone insane, and I think Ty Lee recognized this, somewhere deep in her consciousness. It was obviously an impulsive action. Ty Lee herself looked shocked. 

It explains what happened perfectly, while keeping in with Ty Lee’s motus operandi. 

Ty Lee’s backstory was plenty tragic, what with her many sisters and her neglectful parents. I feel bad for her, but she got a happy (or perhaps bittersweet) ending, and that’s a good ending for a great character.

Have some more Ty Lee GIFs and then say au revoir!

Bye now. Have a good day and a pink aura!