atla: the lost adventures

In an atla au, I’d believe namjoon would be from the earth kingdom. Like at first it’d make sense to put him with the air nomads, they are enlightened, gentle and seek to better themselves through their travels, just like namjoon. But then i think about what makes an earthbender; strength and stability. And then I think about what Namjoon is to bangtan: the Foundation. I think about bangtan relying on him, how often they say he’s a good leader, how starry-eyed jungkook gets when he talks about him. He is an immovable force, a pillar of strength, which is the opposite of an air nomad.


So, I started reading The Lost Adventures and….look at these almost identical concerned faces. They are just “oh great….it is going to Avatar Sokka all over again.” It is like they are having a silent conversation about it.
“Ready for damage control?”-Katara
“Regretfully, I am. Really wish I didn’t have to be, but I am.”-Aang

Meanwhile, Toph is looking excited as hell.