atla: gaang

  • what she says: avatar is one of my favorite shows.
  • what she means: avatar: the last airbender is one of the best shows i have ever seen. words cannot describe how much this show means to me. every single one of the characters were diverse, three-dimensional, and well-written, with arcs and character development that were all beautifully orchestrated. the characters were all so human, with flaws, and ambitions, and compelling back stories and motivations. it even shows how the antagonists weren't evil and heartless monsters, but how they were just as human as the heroes. the stories the show itself followed were just as beautiful, mixing humor and playfulness with important, hard-hitting life lessons that have shaped me as a person. the show stressed the importance of friendships and familial bonds, and how everyone is not only deserving of redemption, but can achieve it. it showed the strength in kindness and humility and forgiveness, and how you aren't defined by your past. it showed that just because you're related by blood to someone doesn't mean they're your family, and how friends can be your family too. the show even depicted how animals can be like family. it showed how unhealthy relationships and abuse work, and it showed how you can move and work past those things. it taught how to deal with grief and pain, and how those things can help you grow as a person. it showed that even if everyone is telling you something is right, it doesn't mean it is, and that you should stand up for what's truly right. the visuals were absolutely stunning, and the soundtrack is the best soundtrack of any show or movie i've ever heard. the stories and the characters of this show have resonated with me deeply, and are still affecting me today. to me, nothing will ever compare to avatar: the last airbender.
random atla headcanons
  • zuko is good at math. i have no canon evidence for this i just like the idea of sokka trying to figure out a hard engineering math thing and zuko just rattling off the numbers and everyone stares at him 
  • toph loves to be carried by sokka and zuko
  • katara finds out that zuko is ticklish and immediately uses this to blackmail him
  • momo and the rest of the gaang realize that zuko is a literal human heater and they all have a secret competition of who can get the closest to him at night. momo often wins this (he takes the direct approach and just lays on him), however both aang and toph have successfully managed to full on spoon zuko without him noticing
  • suki and sokka are the cutest gross couple
  • appa loves to lick zuko
  • after seeing the ember island play they developed a bunch of funny inside jokes about it
  • mom!katara and dad!zuko
  • the older kids looking after toph and aang because they really are only 12 years old
  • sokka and zuko find out they both trained under piandao and they start training/sparring together 
  • suki and katara having passionate feminist rants
  • suki is awful at cooking (sokka pretends to like it)
  • one time katara made seaprunes for everyone with mixed results
  • zuko is actually okay at cooking, as long as it involves roasting things with his bending
  • everyone comfortable with each other and knowing they can talk to each other about everything
  • essentially the gaang is a loving and supporting family by the end of the war

feel free to add your own! i probably will add more eventually


Well, I think you all look perfect!

I’ve seen many versions of these so I decided to color the first two photos, which took me hours to make and I’m glad how it turned out! :D I really miss the old gaang and can’t wait for flashbacks!