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How fast should technology & clothing trends advance in Legend of Genji?

Hello all!

Here’s a question - looking back on Avatar:the Last Airbender and Legend of Korra, it seems that technology advanced INCREDIBLY fast in both shows. (Aang’s time saw the invention of hot air balloons and blimps, Korra’s time saw the invention of airplanes and GIANT MECHANICAL FRICKIN’ ROBOTS). We also seemed to jump in time quite quickly when it comes to fashion, manufacturing, etc. (Minus the robots etc. I think this DOES reflect the rapid modernization of Asia from 1840 - 1920. Take for example the images of Seoul, Korea before and during Japanese occupation).

Originally I wanted Legend of Genji to be in a 60′s - 70′s era (I saw Korra as happening in the 1920s), but I wonder how far I can stretch it. I also think a lot of 1960s/70s clothing is ugly and I don’t want to draw it haha~ But also I was worried that it might be too similar to Korra if it has the same worldspace/technology really. I.E. I’m tempted to be VERY liberal with technological advancement. My thoughts:

1) advanced manufacturing akin to the 1970s / 80s that speeds up global trade / capitalism / global inequality

2) widespread color tv, new television shows, televised probending matches, and the start of tv pop culture except to the poorest communities (the reason Lao’s shop has a shitty black and white tv, why Genji’s family can’t afford a tv)

3) Rudimentary computers

Most companies could have these old massive computers, but I also think these kinds of 1972 computers will just start to circulate:

4) more boisterous cities, urbanization, lights light lights! (Genji’s city is old and poor, so it looks like the cities in Legend of Korra. Republic City will be more like this)

Fashion-wise, sneakers were widespread in America by 1917, and converse were around in the 60s. Sweatshirts have been popular since the 1930s, and hoodies became more popular in the 1970s. The 1960s also saw the popularization of jeans, t-shirts with brands/symbols/bands, more decorative buckles/buttons/belts/zippers, etc. But if I go with 60′s - 70s fashion… flare pants and disgusting patterns.

God it burns my eyes I can’t


I like women’s fashion in the 60′s & 70s, but I cannot subject my poor little Genji to those clothes. I’m thinking I’ll update the Legend of Korra fashions style to incorporate women’s 1960s/70s dresses and simple versions of modern fashion with Avatar touches (the “asian”-esque accoutrements)

So yeah, I’m probably going to be VERY liberal with technological advancement - fashion development.

What do you guys think?

Oh no I’m in Overwatch hell. I also started re-watching Avatar the Last air bender sooooo this came about. McCree is an earth bender and Mercy is a water bender healer. Idk where this is on the ATLA and LOK timeline, maybe it has its own Universe? Anyway McCree messed with a Shimada guard and got scuffed up. Mercy is tried of healing him after he keeps picking fights.


I felt a strong urge to draw the gaang with their babies *>,<* I dont care about timelines, just wanted to see them together holding their little ones!!! Oh and Katara being the one making a photo, I did not forget her okay

And Sokka being the happiest uncle in the whole avatar universe!! ^\\^

Forbidden Flier

Carabella soared through the air, held aloft by a warm air current beneath her grey wings. She knew she was supposed to keep them hidden–only airbenders had wings, and there hadn’t been any airbenders for a hundred years–but this far from civilization she figured she could stretch them for just a short while. She’d kept her wings bound tight to her back for so long, and it felt so good to let them free for once, that she felt almost giddy. She tucked her wings in around her and dove, corkscrewing through the air, then snapped them out to catch her and lightly land beside a clear stream. She folded her wings close to her back once more and knelt to dip a cupped hand into the stream and drink.