atla scenery

my dash is starving...pls help D:

Reblog/Like if your blog contains:

  • YOI, OPM, Sailor Moon, Studio Ghibli 
  • Atla, Lok, Voltron
  • Pokemon, FE: If/Awakening, ACNL
  • Aesthetic: Plants, Space, Scenery, Pastel, Mermaid, Anime (Scenery + Food), Sky/Clouds, Japan/Oriental, Flowers (CHERRY BLOSSOMS), Warm
  • BH6, Brave, ROTG
  • Food porn, Photography, Science, History, Cats, Birbs, Reptiles, Cute things
  • Artists/gif makers/creators in gen

Pls don’t reblog if:

  • Your blog is >50% Steven Universe. Guys, your new season just came out, I ain’t looking for my dash to be flooded
  • Your blog is >40% reposted stuff
  • You grunge/edgy/dark
  • Your blog is >60% shit posts
  • Mostly nsfw

Higher chance of following if you:

  • Reblog + tag what requirements you met/what else you usually reblog
  • Or Like + Message me what requirements you met/what else you usually reblog
  • Are Image Heavy
  • Anti-reposter

i want more mutuals and people to interact with!! please rb if you post

- atla/lok/anime

- scenery, flowers, nature, sunsets

- girls/queer things/if you’re queer

- art

- pixel things

- punk stuff, tattoos, vans

- feminism

- ghost adventures

- makeup