atla scenery

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If you post any of the below, please reblog (with tags) or reply to this post or pm me with what you usually post (whether or not it’s on the list). I will not be checking likes. 

I’m interested in:

  • Anime: Yuri on ice, OPM, Studio Ghibli, Noragami, Sailor Moon, BNHA No 6, general anime blogs
  • Cartoons: ATLA/LOK, Voltron, RWBY, Dreamworks, Disney
  • Games: Fire Emblem (3DS), Pokemon, Ace Attorney, Animal Crossing, most of Nintendo except Mario + Zelda.
  • Aesthetic: Warm/Pastel, studyblr, typography, scenery, anime scenery,
  • Other: Succulents, Science, bujo, active creators, foodporn


  • Aesthetic-based blog/Not Shitpost-Meme based/Image Heavy
  • Non-political/Low Discourse/Low stress/SFW blog
  • Majority of posts not being from reposters
  • Blogs with a good variety of content/multifandom 
  • if you’re cute/your blog is cute/you think I’m cute ;)