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5 HC for an AU where jet survives

1. Jet is incensed when Katara disappears and Old Man Mushi shows up.  There’s no way this Fire Nation dude is up to anything but no good.  He’s looking for his nephew, huh?  A likely story!  Then of course the gaang has to explain to him exactly who the old man and his nephew are, and it is not pretty.

2. He tries to insist on going with Aang and Iroh to rescue Katara (and Zuko) but when the Avatar and the Dragon of the West both agree that something is a terrible idea, there isn’t a whole lot even Jet’s formidable will can do against them. Instead, he is imprisoned with Toph, the Earth King, and Sokka. He gets to witness Mai’s infamous “Just take the bear” line, but otherwise not much changes. Ba Sing Se is still conquered, they still have to flee the city, and Katara still has to use Spirit Oasis water to heal Aang from Azula’s lightning.

3. Of course the last place anybody would want to take Jet is the Fire Nation, but here we are.  He spends most of the first half of the season doing everything he can to deny that Fire Nation people are really just as peoply as he is, and is for example horrified by the dance party in the headband.  He and Hama bond, before she bloodbends him too.

4. He is captured along with the adults on the Day of Black Sun.  This means he is not there when Zuko joins the gaang.  But he is at the Boiling Rock to make the rescue operation twenty times harder.  He is appalled by Zuko’s presence, honestly appalled.

5. He is all for Katara’s revenge quest in The Southern Raiders.  This actually gives Katara pause, but she goes on it anyway.  Jet is soooooo disappointed it didn’t actually end in murder.

The signs as characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender

Aries: Uncle Iroh

Taurus: Katara

Gemini: Appa

Cancer: Toph

Leo: Azula

Virgo: Aang

Libra: Suki

Scorpio: Jet

Sagittarius: Sokka

Capricorn: Momo

Aquarius: The cabbage guy

Pisces: Zuko

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An AU where everything is the same except Zuko has a cat that accompanies him on his journey?

1. One day, while Zuko’s ship was in port, and Zuko was still recovering from his burn, a scraggly, foul tempered, spotted tabby crept onboard.  She had recently lost a fight with another cat, and had lost an eye and had one ear completely shredded.  Jee’s the one who found her, holed up between the boiler room wall and a bundle of ropes.  She went for his head like a clawed tornado.

2. She is a ship’s cat.  She catches rat-snakes and mouse-pigeons, and eats fish guts, and is very useful and absolutely not a pet!

She is totally a pet.  Her name is Miyu.

3. She does not take well to the whole pirate bombing incident.  She doesn’t like being thrown into the freezing cold water, she doesn’t like being on a new ship, and she doesn’t like losing her human’s nice warm quarters in favor of a hidey hole in the hold of another ship, that she has to share with her human and a set of armor.  Then he abandons her, and she’s stuck with the old human.  Then, when he comes back, the three of them are stuck on a raft in the middle o the ocean that makes the other ship look like heaven.

4. When Jet attacks her human, she leaps for him.  There is no epic sword fight, just Zuko trying to get her off Jet’s head while Jet screams in pain.  The Dai Li still drag him off, and nothing really changes except that Jet’s pride has been injured along with his face.

5. Katara splashed her once, back when her human had that fun ponytail thing.  (She misses that ponytail.  It moved in the most fascinating way.  She used to sit on his shoulder and bat at it.)  Anyway, she hasn’t forgiven her.  Her human may have decided to join up with the splashy girl and her friends, but Miyu hasn’t, and she is just waiting for the chance to get her revenge.


development of jetko modern AU relationship: where jet is an asshole senior who teases freshmen like zuko only to find out he’s an interesting dude. which leads to jet stalking zuko down and finding out that he works in a teashop and starts bugging the hell out of the little boy. (also yes, zuko was a troublesome kid in his previous school so he kinda use fake name HA .. “Lee”) 



this part is really interesting. katara does some kind of healing waterbending on jet’s head and it unlocks his memories brainwashed by the dai li. it reminds me of how amon used bloodbending on people’s heads to block their bending, like we’re basically seeing different cases of waterbending people’s brains, bridging the physical and the mental. plus it kind of points to healing being one step removed from bloodbending, which would make a lot of sense

I think I’ve kind of gone over this before, but not quite in regards to the Jet/Zuko parallel. 

Anyway,, one difference between Jet and Zuko is how they respond to the implication of human suffering, and I think the contrast between Jet and Zuko is really telling. 

On the one hand we have Jet, an Earth Kingdom commoner willing to destroy an entire village just because they’re Fire Nation. And, despite being told time and time again that they are just harmless civilians, Jet decides to go through with his plan.

On the other hand, we have Zuko–the Fire Nation prince who used to be unable to relate to the Earth Kingdom commons until he lived among them. We’ve seen him time and time again being able to emphasize with the Earth Kingdom commoners, as well as people from other nations–even if sometimes those lessons don’t stick at first. 

But I think it’s telling that Jet, an Earth Kingdom commoner and refugee is the one that’s unable to relate to a simple village trying to survive, or two Fire Nation refugees hiding in Ba Sing Se. 

Meanwhile, Zuko, even though it took him many seasons, and even though he is a Fire Nation prince, manages to connect with even the lowliest of peasants. 

Thus, while Zuko was able to accept change and a different point of view, Jet was not.