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The Signs as Movie Soundtrack Emotions
  • *If you haven’t seen the movie, don’t watch it or read what it’s about yet. Just let the music get you. Listen via speakers because soundtracks often only take full effect when you listen to them at a certain volume*
  • Aries: Michael Giacchino – The Incredibles
  • fierce will, intenseness unleashed, we were made for great things, look up and enjoy the wonders of earth, sizzling with joy, deep red wine, mysterious looks
  • Taurus: Alexandre Desplat – Fantastic Mr. Fox
  • tenderness, silent fighting spirit, I can see through everything, forgiving you, don’t try to change me, as good as it gets, strolling to the forest, hands touching, wise eyes
  • Gemini: Eric Serra – The Fifth Element
  • my mind is too big for this world, a pulsing humming swirl, hold me, shocked staring with empty eyes, shivers down the spine, sadness beyond dimensions
  • Cancer: Tom Tykwer – Cloud Atlas
  • the end is near, boundless desire, fingertips touching face, a caged bird, seeking the reason, we will go through this together, broken eye contact, you don’t understand
  • Leo: Hans Zimmer – The Simpsons Movie
  • infinite adventure, sincerest of love, let me save you at the end of the world, star gazing and leaving the insignificant behind, facing doom
  • Virgo: John Powell & Harry Gregson-Williams – Chicken Run
  • a taste of human incredibility, strongest yearning for freedom, I could lose everything, blood frenzy, inside emotions are killing me
  • Libra: Michael Giacchino – Super 8
  • you don’t have the faintest idea how much you mean to me, eyes meeting, sheer innocence, will I be okay?, afraid to lose you, the fondest of all smiles
  • Scorpio: Jerry Goldsmith – Fierce Creatures
  • gracefulness, losing yourself in the darkness, ecstasy-like loneliness, craving for love, the knowledge of never being complete, I don’t need you (yes I do)
  • Sagittarius: Howard Ashman – Little Shop of Horrors
  • bursting chest, it’s great to be human, my life counts, why not keep the faith?, I don’t think I’m worth it sometimes, losing hope – giving hope
  • Capricorn: John Powell – Ice Age: The Meltdown
  • I will protect you, hiding fragility, remembering what’s been lost a long time ago, essentiality is my cause, stretch out your arms and spin around, we survived
  • Aquarius: Julian Nott – Wallace & Gromit in the Curse of the Were-Rabbit
  • I’m all powerful, hope, never-ending deep friendship, life is awesome, let me feel it, can’t hold back my heart, on the move, anticipation
  • Pisces: Hans Zimmer – Interstellar
  • life in fast motion, exploding mind, you will never get me, time is slipping through my fingers, you don’t know the pain, holding on, healing hugs, menacing roar

The Lion Turtle from ATLA. I luuuuuuuurrvv this thing. I thought it’s design in the finale was so freaking awesome! canyouspotaang?

This digital painting is a couple years old. Since I’m new to tumblr, I’ll be mixing old and new art for the next couple of posts. I really want to try and sculpt this guy into some kind of planter (with succulents). :D


Tagged by @intestinalpeas for 9 favorite albums (in no particular order):

1.) For Emma, Forever Ago by Bon Iver

2.) Room 93 by Halsey

3.) Lonerism by Tame Impala

4.) In the Aeroplane over the Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel

5.) The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance

6.) Atlas: Year One by Sleeping at Last

7.) Mechanical Animals by Marilyn Manson

8.) Creatures by Motionless in White

9.) The Wall by Pink Floyd

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so i accidentally compiled a list of Pynch AUs i would love to see and wanted to share with you guys
  • Hogwarts teacher AU:
    care of magical creatures teacher Ronan who lives with his pet raven in a hut at the edge of the forbidden forest and herbolog/divination (i can’t decide) teacher Adam who is well liked but also known to really make you work for that outstanding 
  • Spirited Away AU:
    the lynch brothers enter a magical world and Ronan needs to find a way to save his brothers from the supernatural. Cue pretty mysterious Adam who seems cold and unknowable on the surface but is Ronan’s only real help in his weird world. so instead of a river Adam is a forest that Ronan got lost in when he was a child (+ happy ending where they find each other again in the real world)
  • Inception AU:
    Ronan Lynch is one of the best extractors until one day he is hired to go into the mind of one Adam Parrish. they fall in love and become a team. Adam the brilliant architect to Ronan’s raw imagination 
    (totems: leather bands and tarot cards)

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“Representing Atlas, a creature so fearsome, so terrible, so mind-binding large that those with weak constitutions may want to leave the stadium”


“TOO LATE! Ready or not, here she comes. Quake with fear you mortal fools. Bow down before the awesome might of-”

*breaks through stadium*

“This droid is just carrying the real contestant-”