atla confession

ATLA Confession #1

Every time I see Aang bend for the first time in the Avatar State, I get chills. From his facial expression in the water to the Avatar State theme music, the entire scene just exudes raw power and rage and is masterfully done. 

That little goofy kid is gone. And while it’s amazing to watch, it definitely poses a scary thought: the idea of losing yourself, if only for a moment, just like that.

Originally posted by hol-lee

“I’m so sad that the ATLA live action movie turned out to be so bad that fans deny its existence. Before I went to watch it I read some interviews with the main cast and the boy who got to play aang seemed to be so genuinely happy that he got the role and was able to show his material arts skills on a big screen. That interview made me really happy, but then the actual movie turned out to be so awful. I can’t help but feel bad for the cast.”