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Hi!!! I just want to say I LOVE all your voltron comics, and I’m SUPER happy to find they’re a series, but do u have a masterpost for all your voltron comics? It’s hard to find the very first comic you drew and I really wanna read them all but it won’t make as much sense if I read them out of order. Thank you SOO MUCH FOR DRAWING, and I hope you keep on going at it!

Ok so here is a masterpost of most of my voltron comics… (Didn’t want to post here all of them because some are like..meh. Oh and it doesnn’t include regular voltron fanarts. I guess I make a lot of voltron related stuff, this is hell)

And also thank you! i’m really happy you enjoy all of this~  

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I always get irrationally angry when people try to say that aang is abusive in order to support zutara. having a preference is fine, but you don’t have to detest everything that isn’t that. I personally see the chemistry for both ships, but when you characterize the emotionally open pacifist monk as a manipulative mastermind, what’s the point? let me enjoy my “best friends to love birds” trope, and I’ll let you have your “love/hate” dynamic.


I know the further I go,
The harder I try, only keeps my eyes closed.
And somehow I’ve fallen in love
With this middle ground at the cost of my soul.

Atlas: Space Series

Mercury: 2/11

ATLA Confession #1

Every time I see Aang bend for the first time in the Avatar State, I get chills. From his facial expression in the water to the Avatar State theme music, the entire scene just exudes raw power and rage and is masterfully done. 

That little goofy kid is gone. And while it’s amazing to watch, it definitely poses a scary thought: the idea of losing yourself, if only for a moment, just like that.

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zutara + angst YOOO

Zuko stared at the moon rising over the palace, the silver light catching on the sharp planes of his face. He sighed heavily, his thoughts a tangle.

The door behind him swung open. “Hello, Zuko,” Katara said. “Is everything alright?”

He bowed his head. “Fine,” he said shortly.

She leaned against the railing beside him. “Mind if I join you?”

“Fine,” he repeated.

“Oh,” Katara said. “If you’re, you know, angsting, I won’t bother you.”

His head whipped around to stare at Katara. “If I’m what?”

“Angsting. You know, obsessing over your own perceived faults and mistakes, thinking about every possible worst case scenario, shouting emotionally at the sky?”

“I don’t angst!” Zuko was horrified. He was worried about questions of morality and she thought he was being bratty?

“Sure you do,” she smiled. “But that’s okay. It’s probably good for the Fire Lord to consider worst case scenarios sometimes.” She bumped his shoulder with her own. “As long as you don’t do it all the time.”

He stared back at the moon. She made everything seem so petty, and so clear, all at once.

“Katara,” he said, clearing his throat. “I was wondering, if, uh.”


“If you’d consider. Staying.”


Read the rest on AO3: and in the moonlight (i’ll give you the pieces of my heart)

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