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Amazing Avatar Scenes [2/?]

The scene had me tearing up for so many reasons.

The entire first series was based on Aang’s struggle of being the last airbender. He was someone who had so much love for his life and culture, but they were taken away from him. He was crushed by this, it was probably the single biggest obstacle to accepting his role as the Avatar because he felt as if he let his people and the world down. It is so heartbreaking that Aang never got to see his nation reborn.

It really is so amazing that this is happening because it gives hope for balance in the world. With one of the four main populations completely gone, the world is wildly out of balance and now there is an opportunity for it to come back to a time of peace.

This scene is a sign of how far the show has come and how much this show means to me because even though the show is fictitious, I feel it too.

I was hurt with Aang and now I am hopeful with Tenzin.

I also just love that the show did this. This is a show on Nickelodeon for kids but it is filled with such emotional depth and heart that is can move half of it’s fans to tears.

Bravo Bryke. You got us again.

Thank you.