So i got my All Time Low related tattoo yesterday and i love it so much!
this song means so much to me, it helped me getting through some really bad times. Thanks to this song i’ve realized that things get better, that i’m not alone and i’ll never be. this song, and this band in general for the matter, gives me strenght when i’m feeling weak, it makes me feel better when i’m feeling down, it’s like a little bubble of safe happiness i can hide inside when nothing feels alright. All Time Low did not save my life, but their music has been a huge part of my life during the past 3 years, they’ve been the soundtrack of my best and worst moments and that’s why i felt the need to have something to remind me of this period of my life on my skin forever. This is a reminder to myself to Stay Awake, to never lose hope and to carry on no matter what.


Today was the big day I’ve been waiting for. I had my stay awake tattoo done in Alex’s writing today. The artist loved all time low too which made it 100x better. It means the world to me and is quite possibly my favourite tattoo out of the 3 I have so far, nothing can mean as much to me as this song😍 so, what do you guys think of it??

Oh yea you guys, I forgot to post about my new additions/completed ankle piece. Well you already knew I had the ATL skull and crossbones. And I waited to meet Alex again before finishing it up. At the signing before the concert I asked him to write “Stay Awake” for me. This song you guys. Seriously. It’s gotten me through so much. Although there are millions of self-help songs out there, Stay Awake has always stuck out for me. The chorus, “Stay awake. Get a grip and get out. You’re safe from the weight of the world, just take a second to set things straight. I’ll be fine. Even though I’m not always right, I can count on the sun to shine.” Are so fucking perfect. So every time I stress out, I can look down and be reminded of those lyrics. And I can calm down because no matter how caught up in my head I get, I’ll get over it. And All Time Low is basically my source for escaping stress anyways so it all just comes together. Along with that, I got the Future Hearts album cover. If you’re looking for justification, I don’t really have one. I just loved the design from the get-go anddd it looks fucking sick on my Achilles’ tendon. (Btw, never get a tattoo there because it hurts like a FUCKING BITCH.) but yay! All the rest of my tattoos on my left leg should be a piece of cake compared to that ankle bone pain.