Jensen playing the piano at SPN ATL Con 2016!


Made some yummy DIY Halloween Recipes! 


This post is part of the 2016 Virtual Pumpkin Party! Check out all the incredible pumpkin creations taking over the interwebs today right here.

I sat, half reclining, eyes glued to the livestream, one hand gripping my phone, relentlessly refreshing my Twitter feed. I felt crazed with the rush of communal experience—the entire internet converging upon itself to commentate its way through the third and final presidential debate. We were there to watch him cower in shame and suffer in the trap of his own limited, circular, hyperbolic thinking. We were there to watch her shimmy her way into even greater strength. I was Twitter drunk, giddy with the power of sharing a political experience with so many millions. Was this democracy?

That’s when it happened.

“Such a nasty woman,” he sniffled into the microphone, and the internet exploded into millions of individual sparks of indignant, feminist solidarity.

“I am SUCH a #NastyWoman” I tweeted instantaneously, without thinking, without knowing that thousands of other women were doing just the same.

Read more and get the recipe here.

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Scenes from tonight’s Pathfinder game!

I used Dwarven Forge to create multi-storey buildings. All of my dungeons are normally flat without a change in elevation but I decided to try something new tonight.

I used cardboard cut to 9"*9" size to act at dividers between the floors. They were easy to remove and reveal each space as the PCs encountered them.

One of my bridges connected the buildings too.

It worked really, really well. Once I wrapped my head around how it would work, it came down to decorating the rooms, which was the most fun part. :)

I covered the whole encampment with a piece of black felt which kept prying eyes off the prize until it was revealed.

Questions about this? Let me know - I’m happy to chat about how I did it and issues I ran into! :)

PS: never underestimate the power of a flock of velociraptors…

- Mo!



Trees, shrubs, and flowering bulbs planted now, in fall’s cooler weather; will give a unique vintage house colorful curb appeal come spring. See how the This Old House team transformed this 1930s Catonsville, Maryland cottage with the help of landscape designer Susan Schlenger and the magic of Photoshop.

Full details, finishing touches and more in the October 2016 issue of This Old House magazine.

Photoshop illustration by Drawgate, Inc.