atl time bomb


i still can’t believe it. I cried like 5 times no joke. Jack Alex and zach sand dear maria to me. I might have throw a bra on stage. I met awsten c: it seems so unreal. listening to them now you know it’s real.


Jack Barakat + Music Videos 

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if you play guitar and want to be in a pop punk band and are serious about music please email with a video/audio of you playing !!! we are an all girl pop punk band based in Atlanta Georgia but you don’t have to live there to be in our band !!! our influences are the pretty reckless, Bmth, pvris all time low, Mallory Knox, and issues to name a few !! we are extremely serious about this and want this band to be our career. we are all 16-18 years old and are currently writing and looking for a place to record our ep !!! if you are interested please email us !!!

Here’s a better-quality picture of my new thigh piece! It’s in the healing process right now. Right now I’m sticking with just line-work because I love the way it looks.
Anyways, the tattoo is of a picture I drew one day after listening to All Time Low’s song, “Time Bomb.” I had heard the song hundreds of times before but all of a sudden, these lyrics really spoke out to me.
For the last month and a half or so, I had slowly become more and more depressed. At one point suicide was a thing I considered on a daily basis. Honestly, I don’t think I could ever go through with it but there was just a lot on my plate and I was in the wrong mind-set. The only thing that really, truly made me happy was ATL. Listening to Full Frontal was a daily ritual to keep myself from crying all day. I also watched a hell of a lot of their buzznet videos and interviews.
I decided that getting this tattooed on my body would be there to always remind me that “every storm that comes, also comes to an end” / this too shall pass / kinda thing. I need that constant reminder that when bad things happen, it will eventually pass and I’ll be fine.
Also, having my own artwork on my body meant a lot to me. Although a ship is not “original” I could care less because it is my fucking ship. It represents me continuing to go strong. I will NEVER regret this tattoo because it holds such a near and dear place in my heart. And I felt like paying tribute to a band I’ve loved for 5+ years. They’ve gone through and helped me with so much shit that’s been thrown my way.
I absolutely love this tattoo and it has made me the happiest I’ve been in a long time. Every time I look at it, I can’t help but smile. I hope you guys enjoy it because I sure do!