atl swir

lol idk what the fuck i did when i put in my birthday/postal code/email for all time low. did i join a cult? did i sell my soul to the devil? will we ever know what the fuck all time low is doing??


All Time Low Discography 2006-2015
Fall Out Boy Version [x]

So i got my All Time Low related tattoo yesterday and i love it so much!
this song means so much to me, it helped me getting through some really bad times. Thanks to this song i’ve realized that things get better, that i’m not alone and i’ll never be. this song, and this band in general for the matter, gives me strenght when i’m feeling weak, it makes me feel better when i’m feeling down, it’s like a little bubble of safe happiness i can hide inside when nothing feels alright. All Time Low did not save my life, but their music has been a huge part of my life during the past 3 years, they’ve been the soundtrack of my best and worst moments and that’s why i felt the need to have something to remind me of this period of my life on my skin forever. This is a reminder to myself to Stay Awake, to never lose hope and to carry on no matter what.