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cant we just agree that every band member is equally important to the band


Three weeks before I saw All Time low I decided to draw up a comic based around the new album. I wanted to print it and give it to them but I ended up having to give it to a stranger to pass on so I hope they got it but I decided I’d post it online to share with anyone who is interested anyway. It’s low quality because it was sized to print not to post online and I didn’t want to have to resize it as I’m having issues with my laptop currently. So regardless of that I hope you like it! I’m so happy I actually got it done in time, it’s not to the standard I would have liked but I’m happy! Each page represents a different song on the album. If people like it, I’ll do back issues for old albums! So.. Let me know what you think!
B.A.P ATL Fan Account


I had to lean or I would have been stepping on Zelo’s feet

My B.A.P Fan Account! Atlanta Boom

It all started in the morning of the concert! We woke up around 4 AM, however I woke up at 3:30, my friend couldn’t really sleep so she was waking up all through the night. So really it was just my granny who woke up at 4.

We all got our things packed and headed to the airport, the first flight was good. But we were running late so we rushed to our other flight only to find out it had been delayed 30 minutes. We didn’t think it was a big deal until every 20 minutes, it kept delaying another 30. Soon our flight was delayed to 2:30 PM. We were suppose to already been in ATL long before then, at 10:00 AM! 

We were so afraid that our flight was going to get canceled as well as the concert because it was extremely bad weather. However it didn’t happen!! We made it to ATL and went to our hotel, by that time it was 5:45 PM. My friend and I got ready and dressed in 45 minutes got our stuff and went to the venue. I passed out 21 lightsticks for free, we made new friends and met some old ones! 

I was panicking so much that at one point I thought I had lost the gifts I bought for Jongup when I was holding them in my hand. After some confusion I put the gifts where the others were, got our photo op pack and went to our seats. One of the staff members had to check my sign I made for Jongup to see if it was okay and she saw nothing wrong with it!

The concert started with DJ B Shoo hyping everyone up for about 30 minutes before B.A.P came on and snatched everyone’s souls. Zelo took out a water gun and became spraying everyone. But I wasn’t about to get my hair wet so I kept ducking and I saw him laugh and he started spraying again before running to the other side of the venue and spraying them but still so crazy that the water flew and hit me! 

Our seats were right by the confetti blasters, which they wasted no time using. There was so much of it that the floors looked like that got a new fresh job of white paint! Himchan was the first to come off the stage to the confetti blasters. He then sat down and began waving at us, so we were waving and recording him. He started to dance with us before going back on the main area of the stage. He came back again later on in the show and began dancing and waving to us before throwing his towel out to the crowd, which my friend’s girlfriend caught! 

Zelo was the next to come to the blasters in which he began dancing and swinging his head to the beat before acting shy, kicking the confetti at us, smirking and ran back to the main stage. 
During their talks they kept telling us how thankful they were that everyone still came to see them and that they were scared the concert was going to be canceled. They got so emotional that Zelo almost cried and Jongup actually did cry so Himchan was checking on him and seeing if he was okay. They also kept promising to come back next year and that even though the weather was bad, we mad everything worth it. 

I had made an LED sign for Jongup that just says UP on it and through the concert he would look at it. During the encore Jongup came over to my side, looked at my sign and gave a huge smile while pointing and waving at me so I began to scream and cry so hard and looked at my friend who was looking at me, screaming. I looked back to see Jongup still smiling at me so I started to wave my lightstick and he waved back.

After the concert we had to wait in our seats to get our hi touch passes. Once we got them we were held down the hall and as soon as I turned that corner. Zelo was right there so I was taken aback that it was so soon with no warning.

Zelo smirked and held my hand, “Hi!” I said to him. He responded with “Hey!” Jongup gave me the biggest smile when he saw me and took my hand. I told him I loved him and he said it back!! Youngjae and Daehyun hi fived me and said thank you as well as Yongguk which I said back. Yongguk gave me the kindest smile ever!! 

Himchan wasn’t even facing me at first. He had turned around to drink some water. He turned around with a big smile then gave me a hi five while telling me thank you. I said “Thank you Himchan!” And he told me thank you again. My friend and I were about to accidentally leave the venue but the staff member stopped us, seeing we had green wristbands, saying “You still have your photo to take!!”. We waited for the photo op in groups of 10. I was the first in line for my group! I peaked around the corner and told my friend how they were standing for photo opp.
I shyly walked up to Jongup and Zelo who both looked down at me with bright smiles. “J-Jongup!” I stuttered, showing him a piece of paper that said in Korean “Jongup, can we make a couple heart" 

He gently took the paper from me, read it with a smile. “Yes!” He smiled bigger and held up his hand for the heart. I got really nervous and held up the wrong hand. “Oh!” He chuckled, I quickly switched hands and looked at the camera for the picture. Because I’m so short, my head was on his chest!!

“Let’s do it like this.” I heard Zelo say to my friend as he put his arm around her. I felt a hand on my shoulder and I’m unsure as to who’s it is, either Zelo’s or Jongup’s? it turns out it was Zelo’s body! Lol 

The staff was rushing us so I had dropped my lightstick and Jongup tried to pick it up for me but my friend bent down faster than him and got it and Jongup just smiled at me and so i smiled back and looked and I turned around to see Daehyun was right there! He grabbed my shoulders and smiled at me saying “thank you!! Thank you!” I said “thank you!” back. Yongguk looked at me and smiled and said “thank you” while holding my hand!! Himchan gave me a sweet smile also thanked me and gave me a hi five and squeezed my hand before I left.

Thus ends my fan account!