atl alex gaskarth

PSA to All Time Low Fandom

YOU ALL NEED TO CALM DOWN. Why is it that every time there is one little incidence people have to jump over board and cause a commotion?! This wasn’t even about the band but a text post! It’s freedom of speech!! You have NO RIGHT to be targeting someone because you disagree with what they’re posting. This is tumblr and this is the internet where people can say whatever they want. The post wasn’t even malicious, the fan was being genuine in her post. Everyone just jumps on the bandwagon to attack someone else.

I don’t see people getting this worked up when someone is harassing Lisa out of spite or making Jalex jokes. This fandom took Jalex overboard and now it makes the guys uncomfortable. Don’t you understand that taking things out of proportion like this HURTS the band and not those you’re focusing on? This bandom should be united because we all have a love for All Time Low. Not divided over petty bullshit. Grow up kids.

Part 4 of me singing with All Time Low /// I am over the moon right now, a day later. I felt like I was the only person that mattered at that moment. The second Alex pointed at me to come up on stage, every bad thing/thought disappeared. /// Thank you so much for this opportunity, Alex. I appreciate you and the rest of the guys so much.