75th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack

On the morning of Dec. 7,  1941, a Sunday, Japanese bombers flew across Oahu, Hawaii and began their assault.

The attack killed more than 2,300 people, nearly half of them on the battleship USS Arizona. More than 1,100 were injured. After the attack, President Franklin D. Roosevelt delivered a speech before Congress, calling Dec. 7 a “date which will live in infamy.” The U.S. declared war against Japan. (AP)

December 7, 2016, marks the 75th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

Photos: (from top) U.S. Navy/National Archives via Reuters, U.S. Navy/U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command via Reuters (3), U.S. Navy/National Archives via Reuters (2)

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Attack at Ohio State University in Columbus

Eleven people were injured in an apparent car-ramming and knife attack at Ohio State University on Monday that triggered an hourslong lockdown before authorities declared the campus secure.

The suspected attacker was shot and killed, the OSU police announced on Twitter. He was identified as Abdul Razak Ali Artan, an OSU student of Somali descent. Authorities said he wielded a knife, despite earlier reports of an active shooter situation.

Rebecca Diehm, spokeswoman for the city’s fire department, said at least eight people were transported to local hospitals — one in critical condition and the rest stable. A university statement said: “Victim injuries include stab wounds, injury by motor vehicle and other injuries that are being evaluated.”

OSU Wexner Medical Center reported that it was treating five victims, none with life-threatening injuries. (AFP)

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Photos: (from top) AP Photo/John Minchill, Paul Vernon/AFP/Getty Images, AP Photo/John Minchillo (3)

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The Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor
A Call for Vengeance Against Citibank from Chicago - IT'S GOING DOWN

A Call for Vengeance Against Citibank from Chicago November 23, 2016

Anonymously submitted to It’s Going Down

Last night, in keeping with our first communique, we destroyed the front of another Chicago Citibank in retaliation for the atrocities committed against the water protectors in North Dakota two days ago.

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