This set already sold, so pictures instead. It came with four pieces and I used the last [workable] parts of this vintage sari for it. Coat, bra, belt and under skirt with lots of hand beading and coin details. Very happy with it and I’m actually glad I made it using this color sari because if I’d done it in blues, I prolly wouldn’t have been able to give it up considering I REALLY like how it looks on Ati'yya @_@<3


Just finished this OOAK fullset and have added it to the Shoppe ->

Full detail pictures can be seen here ->

And as always, there are more things up on the main page here ->

It was really hard giving this set up because it’s exactly Ati'yya’s colors and it suits her perfectly, but bills, they gots to be paid so I’ve had to remind myself that Ati'yya is getting an entirely different set of her own and up it goes. I’m really happy with this one (well, I was super happy with the last one too, but you know…), I made EVERY. TASSEL on it and my fingers are still cramping due to it + all the hand beading, but it was so worth it. It pretty much came out exactly as I envisioned it ^_^


365 | Year 3 | 014

Today is for Ati'yya, my little blue enslaved Siren <3

I love Ati'yya, she’s so delicate and while helpless when out of her native environment [the water], she’s still feisty and full of life.

She’s gotten more and more used to the clothing and adornments her owner has bestowed upon her over the years, but she’s still the most comfortable completely nekkid.  Because she’s come to understand that they are just Andy’s way of showing her some love, she tolerates the extra burdens and wears them graciously for his sake.

Nekkid or fully dressed, she’s a beautiful little Fish just the same ^^