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‘Parasitoid’ My bone Alien Facehugger and a tribute to the great HR Giger This is one of my most popular pieces being shared online by, ThinkGeek, The Verge, Famous Monsters of Filmland, and many more. A personal favorite as well, I sold this exactly one year ago at Texas Frightmare Weekend in Dallas.

[Artist Series] Wang Ling | Streaks of Dawn

Wang Ling, aka Wlop, is a digital artist who specializes in digital painting and illustration. From lifelike cityscapes to surreal fantasy portraits, his artworks are diverse in theme, yet recognizable in style. Wang Ling excludes the use of bright colors in the beginning stages of creation. He focuses rather on dark and light greys, and even more so on the planning of where he’ll introduce brighter colors as the work progresses. Light therefore plays an important role in the outcome of each of Wang Ling’s artworks; it draws attention towards distant focal points and allows for 3D perspective. Rough brushstrokes give his images a relaxed feel, even in the most impressive of settings such as at sea or amid busy city streets. Based out of China, Wang Ling’s artworks inspire an international audience as they are continually featured on blogs and used in tutorial reviews.

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When and why did you begin digital painting and illustration? 

I began digital painting about 6 years ago. I always have a lot of strange ideas, stories, dreams and I want to share them with others, painting is the best way!

Many of your artworks are urban themed and many are fantasy themed. What are some of your inspirations that lead you to create artworks in these genres?

I live in modern city, so the urban theme is most familiar to me. While I also want to express my thoughts with some surreal themes, like fantasy, I want to combine them in some way.

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“Paris” | Numbered Edition Art Print

Can you describe your techniques? Are there certain steps you follow for each artwork to keep a general style among all of your paintings?  
Actually I don’t have certain steps in painting, I usually let it go with how I’m feeling. Sometimes I draw the shape first, but sometimes I paint colors first. I think the feeling in an image is more important than the technique. I will stop when I think I’ve already expressed the feeling in the image. That’s why sometimes my painting seems really rough - I think too much detail will destroy the feeling.

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“The City” | Numbered Edition Art Print

Your paintings are filled with spectacular focal points! Does light play an important role in this? 
Yes, I think light is the soul of an image!

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“Day Break” | Numbered Edition Art Print

One of your most recent works “Hope” is a very powerful piece. Does this artwork tell a story or portray a certain emotion? 

This is a scene I saw in airport months ago. It received thousands of comment when I post it on the internet. I found that people have different feelings about it. Some people saw sadness, some saw fear, and some just like me, saw hope. I don’t want to specify the emotion in this image. Different people can have different feelings, that’s the power of art.

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“Street” | Numbered Edition Art Print

What’s an upcoming project that you’re currently working on and excited about?

Yes, I’m now painting my personal graphic novel GhostBlade. Those who interested in can read it here

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“Winter” | Numbered Edition Art Print

Are you currently in school or working in a field that allows you exercise your creative talent? 
I’m now working as a software engineer. Actually it has nothing to do with painting… but who cares! :)

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“Town” | Numbered Edition Art Print


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Idnrik-beast (rus. Индрик, derived from old rus. Inorog (Инорог) — “unicorn”) — is a mythological “father of all beasts” from russian legendary. Mentioned in famous Golubinaya (Голубиная) Book (a collection of Eastern-Slavic folk spiritual poems and psalms of the late XV — early XVI century). It is believed that Indrik took form of an enormous creature with a bull’s body, head of a horse and legs of a deer. The can have both one or two horns.
Indrik is a master of all groundwaters and underground troves, the protector and king of animals. According to many works of folklore, under certain circumstances Indrik can act as a magical helper of the hero, helping him to find treasure and get rid of the enemies.