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✨In which Justin has an argument with y/n✨🔞

Hope you like it anon!
“Don’t yell at me.” I say as calmly as I possibly can as not to alert the other restaurant patrons.

“Don’t yell? You tell me that you’re going to miss my first Grammy performance and you expect me not to yell?” I slap my credit card onto the table before standing up and smoothing out my skin tight dress.

“ Bring that to the car when you’re done.” I tell Justin who looks at me with wide, angry eyes. If looks could kill…

“ This is so far from over Zara,” he slides my credit card back to me and pulls out his own but I’ve turned around and left the table before he can force me to take the stupid piece of plastic. I’m waiting outside with a cigarette smoldering between my lips when the valet pulls up with Justin’s Audi I give the nervous looking kid a

tip and a smile and he practically melts away. I climb into the driver’s seat fully aware that this will contribute to Justin’s already pissy mood. The paparazzi begins to notice that I’ve climbed in and flashes start erupting from every which way I roll down the window and flick the excess embers from my cigarette and blow a puff of smoke out of the window a brave paparazzo walks up the car and asks me a single question that has me rolling.

“Zara! How’s it feel to be a bad influence on one of the world’s most beloved pop stars?” Justin slips into the car without ceremony as I answer the man who is practically shoving a camera in my face

“ he wasn’t so beloved last year was he?” I question and with that I rev the engine ( this is another thing on the ‘ how to piss of Justin’ list) and speed away from the camera flashes.

“You still mad at me baby?” I question taking my cigarette out and handing it to him, this is usually where he would take a long drag and comment about how he needed to quit but instead he tosses it out of his window.

“Moody Judy over here…” I say before reaching over to play with his blonde fringe..

“This isn’t a fucking joke Zara” he says harshly, taking my hand away from his face before crossing his arms like a fucking child.

“Quick question does my career mean shit to you?” I ask and he looks at me as if I’ve grown a second head,

“ damn I don’t know Zara how many boyfriends go to every single movie audition, premiere, and award show even if a few are across the fucking world?” Dammit. He had a point.

“There will be more Grammys Justin as if this is the last time they’ll ask you to perform” he was being so ridiculous because there was no way that I could miss the screening of my new billion dollar franchise. I pull the car into my driveway  and walk to the front door he slams the car door shut behind me and stomps up the porch steps. I’m about to take off my heels when I’m hit with a pretty brilliant idea. Justin has gone to sit on the couch powering in the video game system I begrudgingly let him install here.

“Selena is going to be there, maybe we’ll hook up afterwards, just like old times” he says nonchalantly and I  clench my teeth with pent up anger.

“Ouch daddy,” I say before shimmying out of my dress and leaving it on the floor it was strapless so I was naked save for my lacy pink panties and heels. My long, curling black hair covers both of my breast perfectly as I block Justin’s view of the television.

“What the fuck Zara, you always want to fuck our problems away well not this time okay? Just-” I use his rant as a way to settle myself on top of his lap and smother his mouth with a tongue filled kiss that he doesn’t deny.


I’m weak. I’m weak and I’m pissed and I’m horny. Sue me. The radio that she always has blasting in the house is playing  ‘Where Are Ü Now’ and when the techy beat bases through the speakers  Zara  starts doing these fucking breathtaking body rolls.  Her arms above her head as she rolls her hips over mine to the beat; and without a second thought I throw her over my shoulder caveman style and haul her up the stairs and into her bedroom.

“Still mad at me?” She gasps, I press my lips to hers and silence the stupid question with a smirk and a lip suck, “I’m fucking pissed so shut up.” Zara pushes against my chest in a fit of outrage before I step back to take off my clothing.

“ Wait,” she says after I’ve  settled myself between her legs, the only things separating us is the soft material of our underwear. She reaches  across me for the purple beats pill that never leaves her bedside. She scrolls through her phone before syncing it to the pill and ’ Where Are Ü Now’ begins playing at a moderate level. “I like fucking to your music remember? It’s like you’re all around me, makes me feel even safer. Like that one time when we fucked to ’ All that-”

I interrupt her with a swift kiss and a smack to her perfect, perfect ass. “ You’re so fucking sweet, but I’m still mad” I murmur as she rocks against me “ I’m not sweet, and I like it when you’re angry” she says against my lips reaching between us to grab my dick in a tight grasp; reminding me that in moments like this she was anything but sweet.

“Want you so bad right now Jay” she murmurs against my lips, grinding her hips into mine; the heat is unbearable. I grab my dick and position  it at her entrance with a

“Yes,” Zara says in a breathy gasp her legs splayed at the knee so I could go deeper.

“Fucking give it to me Justin” she growls putting her hands on my shoulders and scratching the shit out of my back  “give me that pussy babe I love it shit!”

Zara squeezes my dick with her pussy walls and I slam into her harder and faster, the headboard banging against her bedroom wall and making the light fixtures shake.

“Justin, oh shit… Justin!” Zara chokes between gasps her walls clench a few more times and I come with a roar.

“See you like fucking to your music too” Zara says a tired laugh wrapping her legs around me tighter when I try to break our connection I half laughed half groaned and buried my face in her neck “It helps the ego” I admit  after a few moments and she laughs the laugh that I love so fucking much

“I’m going to call my agent and see what we can do about this Grammy situation” she tells me in a whisper.

“Really?” I ask trying to keep the excitement out of my voice

“Mhmm. Fuck I love you Justin Bieber do you know that?” I nod with a laugh before slapping her ass

“I love you more.”


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