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Louis grew up in a poor family, his dad died when he was a toddler. When his mother got remaried  he was thirteen. Her husband threw Louis out when he was only seventeen because he was gay. Luckily, he met Nick few months later as he was living in an old couple’s atic. He was working in a record shop at the time, but as fast as he moved in with Nick, he stopped. Nick had money, Nick made him feel loved even when he felt broken. For once in his life, Louis felt important. Sadly, that never lasted. 

One year later, Louis found out he was pregnant. Nick wasn’t thrilled about it. He was twenty five and the manager of a restaurant. At the time, Nick was no longer the sweet and loving boyfriend Louis had fallen in love with. But he couldn’t see that. A couple of times, Nick would hit him. Louis would only thought he deserved that, because he knew that if he said anything, his punishment would be even worse. Eventually, their baby son James was born. He lit up Louis’ life. But Nick didn’t give much attention to the baby. He was never home anyway, and when he was, he often was drunk or locked up in his office. Some nights when he had had too much to drink, he forced Louis into having sex. Although he really wasn’t in the mood, Louis let him because he thought Nick loved him and this was normal. It was his duty as a boyfriend. 

Four months after that James was born, Louis was on the bathroom floor, looking at the little positive sign on the pregnancy sign. It couldn’t be true. He knew Nick would be mad. He just knew it. Therefore, he hid it. He never told him about it. James was eight months old when Nick noticed that Louis’ stomach was starting to swell again. The older male had hit Louis and yelled at him. He then kicked him out, telling him that he was worthless and that he didn’t want those kids. He had left him nothing but the baby stuff and a blanket for Louis.

That’s how Louis ended up on the street, begging for money. He had no money, and when he got any, he would use it on James, making sure he was alright. the world was a cruel place though, most people didn’t care about him. When they did, they gave him so little money that it was complicate to care for his son and the baby that was on its way. He didn’t know what he could do with his life. He had tried getting a job, or a flat but it was impossible with such a little kid that needed to be watched. He just wasn’t looking forward to the winter, because his life that was already awful, would become a living hell.

TV Legends Revealed | Did Michael Jackson Actually Sing on ‘The Simpsons’?

TV URBAN LEGEND: Michael Jackson didn’t actually do any singing in his guest appearance on The Simpsons.

Guest-starring on The Simpsons has become almost a rite of passage for celebrities (a while back, we featured a TV legend about Justin Timberlake’s ill-fated first appearance as a guest voice on the long-running animated series). However, in the early days, producers allowed their guest stars to use pseudonyms; the first to do so, Dustin Hoffman was credited as “Sam Atic” (get it?) in Season 2’s “Lisa’s Substitute.”

In the Season 3 premiere, “Stark Raving Dad,” Michael Jackson appeared as “John Jay Smith,” playing Leon Kompowsky, whom Homer Simpson meets after being accidentally committed to an asylum. In the episode, Kompowsky, who believes himself to be Michael Jackson, sings the hit songs “Billie Jean” and “Ben,” as well as an original, “Happy Birthday, Lisa,” as a birthday present from Bart Simpson to his sister. However, while Jackson did appear on the episode, did he actually not sing on it? Find out!

It’s interesting seeing how “Stark Raving Dad” came about: Jackson apparently was a fan of the show and contacted Matt Groening about making an appearance. Jackson was particularly a fan of Bart, and he wanted to write a song for the character. So Jackson actually co-wrote the hit “Do the Bartman,” although because he was under contract to another music company he couldn’t legally take credit (his co-writer Bryan Loren was solely credited). While “Do the Bartman” was never released as a single in the United States, it was distributed in other countries and did, indeed, become a No. 1 hit in the United Kingdom, Australia and Norway, among other markets.

When he was given the original script for the episode, Jackson had a few suggested changes, including that his character would write a song with Bart (it ended up being “Happy Birthday, Lisa”). In addition, Jackson insisted that before he commit to the episode, the show had to do a read-through of the script with him (the cast and crew traveled to his manager’s office to do so). Jackson finally agreed, but under two conditions: one normal and one more than a little odd. First, he would only do so under the aforementioned John Jay Smith pseudonym. Again, as the show had done it recently with Hoffman, it wasn’t a big deal. Second, however, Jackson would only perform the speaking parts; an impersonator would handle the singing. He wanted to trick his brothers into thinking it was him singing on the show.

The producers agreed, although as it turned out, they were so annoyed by having to evade questions about whether it was actually Jackson doing the voice they made a rule that, from that point on, all guest voices on The Simpsons would have to be willing to be credited under their actual name.

Just to add extra confusion to the situation, when it came time to record the episode, while the impersonator, Kipp Lennon, performed the songs in the episodes, Jackson decided to also record the songs, just for fun. As a result, there has always been some murkiness, even among Simpsons staffers, as to whether any of Jackson’s performances were used on the final show. The Simpsons music editor Chris Ledesma, however, has confirmed that it was only Lennon’s performances used on the actual show.

So the legend is …


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I recorded the entire event, and I made this video to remember it. Thank you so much to Katrina Seryu for making this possible and to all the Anet devs who marched with us. Special thanks to every single person who marched with us today! I love you all! <3

(Don’t worry, only the first few seconds are blurry. I wanted to capture the sea of names XD) Featuring @eviru @tyriansaladbar @lewn-atic @eldritchseacrab @citriplays

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Marvel’s BLACK PANTHER Screenwriter Talks “Historic Opportunity,” Wakanda, And More
Hit the jump to find out how Marvel will go about bringing Wakanda to life both scientifically and historically, among other things Black Panther-related, from screenwriter Joe Robert Cole

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