The Signs as Songs They Need to Listen To
  • Aries: Gasoline by Halsey; White Teeth Teens by Lorde; Cold Heart Killer by Lia Marie Johnson
  • Taurus: DNA by Lia Marie Johnson; Touch It by Ariana Grande; Play Date by Melanie Martinez
  • Gemini: Guillotine by Jon Bellion; Sorry by Beyoncé; Holiday by Green Day
  • Cancer: Don't Let Me Go by G-Eazy; Not In That Way by Sam Smith; Wasted Youth by Sody
  • Leo: Be Alright by Ariana Grande; River of Tears by Alessia Cara; Atic by Astrid S
  • Virgo: Lostmyhead by The 1975; Suburbia by Troye Sivan; Ruin by Shawn Mendes
  • Libra: How to be a Heartbreaker by Marina; Pity Party by Melanie Martinez; Ride by Twenty One Pilots
  • Scorpio: Show Me Love (Acoustic) by Robin Schulz; Pillowtalk by Zayn; Crazy In Love (50 Shades of Gray version) by Beyoncé
  • Sagittarius: Idfc by Blackbear; Piano Man by Billy Joel; Yours by Ella Henderson
  • Capricorn: Shape of You by Ed Sheeran; Space by Ally Hills; Heartless by Kanye
  • Aquarius: You & Me by Marc E. Bassy; Break My Heart by Hey Violet; Invisible by 5 Seconds of Summer
  • Pisces: In My Veins by Andrew Belle; Start a Riot by Banners; hate u love u by Olivia O'Brien

If you seen Snowpiercer, you already know this is gon be the weirdest dopest shit ever 

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i just started my first dnp blog can u rec me some cool peeps to follow ??? :-)

of course! i love these things and thank you for coming to me for blog recs! im honoured! here are some of my faves!!

The NSFW Net

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The Wrinkly Phannies Net

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and The Net With Inconsistent Names

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My pals!

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blogs whom i aspire from afar 

(we might not be mutuals coz i suck but u are amazing)

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Happier de fondo (Un coldplay, que es mejor que la original) y ligeramente drogado.

Perdido. Perdido en mierdas que básicamente no tiene significado. Así como las cosas que justo ahora escribiré y estoy escribiendo (a la par que siento).

Perfección, la de un ser que me hace sentir jodidamente imperfecto.

¿Qué es esto? ¿Un mal que hace bien? ¿Cómo puede ser esto posible? ¿Cigarrillos que matan con la mayor alegría de su existencia?

¿Amor propio? ¿Para qué? Si igual te importa un pensamiento ajeno… Patrañas y putas mierdas.

Mierda, lo que eres y lo que somos.
Pensamientos; locuras envueltas en el mejor envoltorio que podamos encontrar.

Amor; la majestuosa arma mortal de los inmortales. ¿Qué estoy diciendo? ¿Que estoy respondiendo? ¿Por qué escribo sin pensar?

Oh, cierto… Los diversos pensamientos de los diversos sucesos tomando el control.

Astrid - Atic (toma lugar ahora)

Mujer; el ser más incomprendido y a la vez el más nos justa comprender… O creer que podemos comprender.

¿Oportunidades? ¿Bestialidades? ¿Confianza?

Confiar; el acto más idiota y el que más nos gustan hacer sentir…

Ed (otra vez) - Perfect

¿Extrañar? ¿Morir? ¿Suicido mental? ¿Despacio?

Ojos; puertas a lo desconocido y a la par la belleza y pureza de una persona…

¿Cariños? ¿Esperanza? ¿Encontrar? ¿Esperar?

Gustar; Gustamos de todo así como de la nada. (Que estupidez)

¿Depresión? ¿Felicidad? ¿Ansiedad? ¿Maldad? ¡¿Alegria?!

Encontrar; Todos buscamos pero… ¿Todos queremos encontrar? He ahí la cuestión.

¿Responder? ¿Preguntar? ¿Lágrimas? ¿Beber? ¿Fumar? ¿Incoherencia? ¿Dolor? ¿Masoquismo? ¿Sadismo? ¿Sado?

Sexo; El mejor comienzo para un final.

¿Un ask? Mis inspiraciones ocasionales.

Concluyendo con Sody - Wasted Youth

¿Mi vlog? La mierda más pura que te puedas encontrar.

se eu disser que tô um pouco cansada das madrugadas insone, tu me aceita paranóica no teu lençol ? é que o silêncio é um tiro bem dado no meu cérebro, e os pensamentos são balas brincando com a minha sobrecarga psíquica. e a tua voz é barulho, amor. um barulho bom. feito garoa batendo no telhado. me acalma. por mais que a confusão atice meus nervos. eu gosto da nossa pausa acolhedora. alma com alma. compreensão emocional. e mesmo que eu saia dos trilhos com a tua mão rude e nossos beijos urgentes. é o dançar gentil dos teus dedos nas minhas cicatrizes que me tira o ar. me deixa à flor da pele. e me desconcerta.

I - Issues by Julia Michaels

H - Halo by Beyoncé
A -A Thousand Years by Christina Perri
V - Versace on the Floor by Bruno Mars
E - Earned It by The Weeknd

A - All We Got by Chance the Rapper

B - Bleeding Out by The Imagine Dragons
A - A Little Too Much by Shawn Mendes
D - Don’t by Ed Sheeran

R - Riptide by Vance Joy
E - Empty by Olivia O'Brien
P - Pretty Girl by Maggie Lindemann
U - Uncover by Zara Larsson
T - They Don’t Know About Us by 1D
A - Atic by Astrid S
T - Thief by Ansel Elgort
I - I’ll Show You by Justin Bieber
O - One Last Time by Ariana Grande
N - No Words by Sabrina Carpenter


Songs that remind me of Philkas

7- Catfish and The Bottlemen
Adelaide- Meg Myers
Agnes- Glass Animals
Anything- Catfish and The Bottlemen
Atic- Astrid S
Better for It- Foreign Air
BITE- Troye Sivan
BLUE- Troye Sivan
Bonfire- The Hunna
Business- Catfish and the Bottlemen
Can’t Help Falling in Love- twenty one pilots (cover)
Clouds- BØRNS
Cocoon- Catfish and the Bottlemen
COOL- Troye Sivan
Diamond Heart- Lady Gaga
DKLA- Troye Sivan
Doubt- twenty one pilots
EASE- Troye Sivan
Electric Love- BØRNS
The Emotion- BØRNS
Fallingforyou- The 1975
FOOLS- Troye Sivan
for him.- Troye Sivan
Happy Accidents- Saint Motel
HEAVEN- Troye Sivan
Holding On To You- twenty one pilots
It’s You- BØRNS (cover)
Kathleen- Catfish and the Bottlemen
Linger- The Cranberries
LOST BOY- Troye Sivan
Medicine- The 1975
Million Reasons- Lady Gaga
THE QUIET- Troye Sivan
Somebody Else- The 1975
The Sound- The 1975
TALK ME DOWN- Troye Sivan
Think About You- LÉON
TOO GOOD- Troye Sivan
WILD- Troye Sivan
Without You- Oh Wonder
YOUTH- Troye Sivan

Phandom Net Results!!

So I decided to close the applications early because there were so many to go through, but I’ve narrowed it down to 8 people!!

If you got in

  • Be sure to follow everyone else!
  • Message me privately a phone number/email you want to use in the iMessage chat (everyone that got in was okay with using iMessage) Once I get one from everyone, I’ll make a group chat!
  • Take note of the triggers within this net

Members Triggers
  • autism, disabilities, self harm, suicide, heights, loud noises, homophobia, blades, blood, antisemitism, sleep paralysis

playlist for july [listen]

i. wild - troye sivan, alessia cara / ii. this is what makes us girls - lana del rey / iii. no one’s here to sleep - naughty boy, bastille / iv. the city - the 1975 / v. bite - troye sivan / vi. gold - kiiara / vii. snap out of it - arctic monkeys / viii. young god - halsey / ix. dangerous woman - ariana grande / x. paris - the 1975 / xi. atic - astrid s / xii. fun - troye sivan


by Digital Sun Games

Moonlighter somehow reminds me of Atic Atac, although it really should be Zelda or some other game with the distorted top-down perspective.

It is an action RPG that has a lot to do with shopkeeping and even more with killing monsters for loot (which is then sold in your shop).

Head over to their (already funded) Kickstarter campaign to learn more.

My Black Panther Fan-Made Teaser Trailer

CAUTION: Very fucking loud because I forgot to edit the audio!

Shout out: Shadow Rabbit Designs for the title sequence 

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Hey guys! Exceliani and I started talking recently and we bonded over our mutual love for Astrid S! We decided to host an awards together to showcase amazing blogs along with Astrid’s wonderful songs!


  • Must be following Exceliani (@eccellent) and Carissa (@leavingforever)
  • Reblog at least once (likes don’t count)
  • Do not delete the text or self-promote!


  • Hurt So Good - Best Overall  (x2)
  • Paper Thin - Best Theme  (x2)
  • Jump - Best Posts  (x2)
  • I Don’t Wanna Know - Best URL  (x2)
  • Atic - Best Icon  (x2)
  • 2AM -  Exceliani‘s Fave  
  • Hyde - Carissa’s Fave


  • A follow from us (if not already)
  • You will be featured on an awards page 
  • Q4Q whenever you want

Higher Chances:

  • Reblog more than once
  • Talk to us! (We’re friendly, we promise!)
  • Reblog/Queue from us so we notice you more
  • Listen to Astrid’s songs and let us know which one is your favourite!


  • Banner was made by Carissa
  • We will choose when we are happy with the notes
  • Please don’t let this flop, or we will pretend it never happened

Good Luck! Love, Carissa and Exceliani xx