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Which are the worst depictions of Morgana in novels? Thanks!

Hello! : D

My least favourite versions of Morgana are in:

  • Mordred’s version” (Beric) where she is a bit too much sexualizated;
  • Attanasio’s series, as much as I love those books the character of Morgana seems not defined enough and I often can’t understand her reasons to act;
  • In “Queen of Camelot” (Nancy McKenzie) where Morgana is evil without much reasons, in my opinion, and incredibly cruel and cold (not as much as Morgause but still cruel).
  • I remember not liking her much in Molly Cochran and Warren Murphy’s serie of books, but she was not a main character;
  • In “Once and future king” (White), she doesn’t have a big part, she is a little guest star in the first book.