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Kieron and Emmett are actual dorks, tbh. Seriously, their friendship is ADORABLE.

COMPLETE ASSHOLES THE BOTH OF THEM IT’S NOT EVEN FAIR. Their twitter fests are just the best things ever and then there’s their radio chats which, is so adorable it’s offensive. I can’t. And then the endless flirting. /dead

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Kieron and Emmett’s relationship is like the best thing that ever happened to me.

Seriously, I have to agree with you, I mean I thought I loved Stendan and then I learned about these two idiots and I don’t even know what to do with myself. The greatest. Thing. To have happened. Is there a Kimmett club I need to join a Kimmett club I need all the things.

They’re such a blessing though because what better way to console yourself from the angst that is Stendan than two dorky boys who like to play and tease each other so shamelessly as Emmett and Kieron?

  • I need a Musketeers/Ghost Hunters AU so much
  • b/c just think of it
  • they’re investigating an abandoned sanitarium
  • from the moment they’ve stepped onto the grounds d’artagnan has felt like something’s behind him, tapping his shoulders and rustling his hair (which makes him stick a little closer to athos than normal)
  • they’ve gotten EVPs of something pointing him out, calling him downwards
  • so they send him to the morgue
  • porthos and aramis convince him to stay in the room on his own with a voice recorder to do a solo session, because clearly whatever’s haunting the place has been trying to get his attention
  • they leave the room and close the door (accidentally locking it), because the footage and evidence they get are going to be great
  • (surely enough to get them a second season all on it’s own)
  • they leave him to it and go up a floor to check on some of their IR cameras
  • 20 minutes later athos gets a frantic call on his radio to ’get the fuck down here, i’m not joking, something’s here. something keeps touching me. i swear to god, athos. please. the door is stuck, i’m going to kill porthos and aramis. i’m going to kill them. unless i die then I’m going to haunt their sorry asses for the rest of their lives. athos get down here now, PLEASE
  • after some frantic scrambling (and a radio call to porthos and aramis to get down to the morgue as well because ‘what did you two do to the door??’) they finally wretch the door open and a shaken and annoyed d’artagnan steps out and punches both tech specialists in the arm as he passes them, before grabbing onto athos (because cameras or not, he deserves a fucking hug)
  • hours later, after the sun has risen and they’re reviewing their footage, aramis stands up from the sprawl he’s adopted on his hotel bed and quietly plops d’artagnan’s voice recorder in front of porthos
  • as prompted, porthos stops his own footage, puts on the headphones, and hits play
  • …and is greeted with a disturbing, high-pitched voice tittering ‘pretty pretty d’artagnan, poor d’artagnan, so in love. maybe i’ll keep you and break his heart

My friends need to stop making me wanna check out new shows when I barely have time for the ones I’m already watching. I’m behind on everything lately *cries* You know who you are.

Athos endures and focuses his energy and his wits on doing constructive things for his country and his friends. He is a natural leader who doesn’t place himself above everyone else. He is so aware of everybody’s needs but his own and he sees that his friends need him to lead, and to do that he needs to be in control so he puts on a mask of control to hide the doubts and regrets. But the others have enough faith for all of them and they believe in his steadiness and they keep looking at him to lead, and it actually makes him steadier. He’s always aware of them and of their moods and he holds them back from rushing into things a lot. Keeping them alive and grounded actually keeps him grounded. It works. Without him they wouldn’t get a lot done.

His friends see the strength in him that he can’t see himself. Athos is so brave. He gets himself out of bed and on his feet every single morning. He puts himself back together bit by bit, like he put his life back together bit by bit after it collapsed. He built a new home for himself on the foundations of his strength and bravery that couldn’t be broken no matter what he believes. And it’s like his uniform literally holds him together, like the structure of the musketeers and his role as leaders seem to hold him together. He still sees the good in the world. He has his brothers to remind him of it. They try to get as many smiles from him as they can and they’re still teaching him to smile at other things as well. And they’re absolutely delighted by the dry humour that comes so naturally to him. He’s only getting better, Athos is on the road towards hope. And he does his best to be the man his brothers already believe him to be.

His selfless love for them is a great driving force for him. He is a man of little words but his actions speak loud and clear, even when they’re small, even when they go unnoticed. He operates from the shadows, never seeking rewards or gratitude. He wouldn’t even know what to do with that.  He doesn’t want anything in return, he already gets so much. He loves them with a quiet intensity and to him it’s only natural that he should look out for them.

He picked up on Aramis’s despair and helped him in the only way he could think of, by getting out of his way. He trusted him with Marsac and beat the Duke’s ass. He went to his old home when Porthos needed help, without any of them knowing exactly what it cost him. He came up with a plan to get Porthos his justice. He went into the Court of Miracles to reassure Porthos that his family hadn’t abandoned him, knowing how important they are to him. He stuck up for d'Artagnan with the captain, without anyone knowing he was doing that, because he knew how much becoming a musketeer meant to him. Sometimes when they’re on a mission, after a particularly long and hard day, he takes first watch and doesn’t wake the next watch up, because he wants to let them sleep. Aramis is angry when he does that, but he keeps doing it. Sometimes he even tries to stay awake when they’re all safe again and sleeping in the same room together, to watch over them and reassure himself that they’re all there. Sometimes he hides the fact that he’s hurt until everyone else has been treated. Aramis is furious when he does that, but he keeps doing it. He listens to the laments of a heartbroken Aramis, without complaining, only interrupting to correct his Latin sometimes. He leaves books in Porthos’s room, on a subject that he’s interested in, without letting him know that they came from him. He stays sober on the anniversary of d'Artagnan’s father, so he can look out for him. Even after all that’s happened, he finds that he’s alive. And his heart beats for them.

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  • The first character I first fell in love with: Kaidan Alenko, obvs.
  • The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: James Vega and Steve Cortez.
  • The character everyone else loves that I don’t: Miranda Lawson. I don’t hate her by any means, she’s just not in my top 10. I did like her a lot more in ME3 than I did in ME2, though.
  • The character I love that everyone else hates: Hm. The Illusive Man? Kai Leng? I’m not sure.
  • The character I used to love but don’t any longer: I still absolutely adore everyone that I’ve fallen in love with when I first played through these games.
  • The character I would totally smooch: John Shepard. What a qt, amiright?
  • The character I’d want to be like: Samara. She’s just so secure in who she is and seems so at peace with everything that’s happening in her life, even when it throws her one shitty curveball after another, she just keep on going. I really love that about her. Then again, the same thing can be said about pretty much every other character in this game, but… there’s just something about her personality that I really, really admire. You know?
  • The character I’d slap: The council in its entirety. What a bunch of ignorant dickheads.
  • A pairing that I love: Uh. Kaidan/John, duh! I’m also really into Jane/Liara lately.
  • A pairing that I despise: Eh, ship and let ship, especially in a game like Mass Effect. I don’t really have ships that I ‘despise.’
  • BONUS EXTRA FACT FOR THAT THING bc michals reminded me
  • I make a lot of dumb faces (and talk to myself out loud a lot) without realizing it. The number of times I’ve been singled out by a prof to ~share an opinion~ w/ the class, or caught people giving me strange looks because I’ve made a stupid, scrunched up face at something someone said or something I’ve seen is…. too numerous to be comfortable with tbh
  • (tl;dr I have a dumb face and I make dumb expressions a lot)

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It really (quite irrationally) bothers me when people say that Simon/Kieren is one-sided or that Simon is all hung up on Kieren and Kieren doesn’t care about him in return, gyah. Like I said in the tags, not everyone falls head over heels in love at first sight. I love slow-build, I love it so so much. And I love the way Kieren is falling for Simon and I love how it makes him bold and desperate enough to kiss Simon with a rush of energy even though Simon rejected him earlier that day and I love how it makes Kieren all nervous-excited to see Simon afterwards and I love that even during an extremely painful time for both of them, at Amy’s funeral where they are both grieving, that Kieren stands by Simon’s side and gently presses his shoulder against Simon’s in silent comfort. I love the way these two are gravitating to one another, both in their own unique way but it’s there nonetheless.

How these two ruin me. 

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okay so i will be spending the weekend with my best friend amy

try not to miss me too much

there’s a queue and i have even managed to schedule a gifset for tomorrow, so it’ll feel like i’m here. yelling athos feels you didn’t ask for at you