listen y'all, I know we like to write Bitty as a “mom”, (I’ve been guilty of that too and its okay, like it’s totally fine) but. Bitty is twenty two and he is a frat boy who has grown up around athletes, he's gross and lazy and I would like to present you with some examples. okay, hear me out:

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Olympians in Love

Photos of the Olympic Judo final match in Barcelona in 1992, where Miriam Blasco (right) of Spain won the gold over Nicola Fairbrother (left) of GB. 

In a documentary for the 25 year anniversary of the Barcelona Olympics   yesterday, Miriam revealed that she and Nicola have been married for almost 2 years. Their relationship began soon after the Olympics in 1992, and at their wedding they exchanged both rings and medals.


For many black Americans, it’s already too late for an NFL team to sign Colin Kaepernick

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